Shooting in Funky-V

I can’t ever pronounce the name of the town, but it’s generally a nice place.

Fuquay-Varina police have made an arrest in connection with a shooting that happened in front of 109 Baytree Apartments at approximately 2:30 a.m. Friday.

So, was it a bunch of Concealed Carriers arguing about parking spaces in front of the gun store?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2


How do they always seem to find each other?

I need a podcast name

Good news, the podcast is a go. It will be WizardPC from GunsCarsTech and I.

Now we just need a name.

Any ideas?

Shooting into a house

Two guys, pulling a drive by.

Two men are in custody, accused of firing shots into an occupied home.

And who are they?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Just the sort of people you’d expect.

Sean’s adventures at the topless pool bar in Falaraki

I’m working on my confidence in front of the mic, so here’s a little story about the time the US Navy took me to Falaraki, on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

Topless pool bars are pretty sweet.

What if they want your life? (*Video*)

I don’t even know what to say about this.

A woman who was shot in the face during an ATM robbery is relived the accused shooter was arrested and in jail but is still in fear as the police search for another suspect.

Police said (Suspect) put a gun to her temple and pulled the trigger three-and-a-half weeks ago.

She lived, but is in constant pain.

Go watch the video at the link above.

And what sort of person would do this?


Perhaps we should show him what getting shot in the face is like.

When does a simple Larceny of a Vehicle charge warrant $500K bail?

So dude gets arrested for stealing a motorcycle and gets hit with a MASSIVE bail amount.

A man arrested Sunday by Wake County sheriff’s deputies who said he had a stolen motorcycle was being held on unusually high bail of $500,000 because he has felony charges pending in at least three other counties.

And he’s not just waiting on charges, he’s been convicted of some (read: “a lot”) too.


He doesn’t sound like he is planning on reforming himself.

Ask me some questions

I had fun doing my audio blog post a few days ago. (Check it out if you’ve not listened) I’d like to do some more audio blogging. I’m not yet ready to try a full on podcast, but maybe. I’d need a co-host to do that.

So to get me started, ask me some questions. If you’re hard core, you could use Audacity (or any other MP3 recording device) to record your question, comment, rant, whatever, send it to me, and I’ll respond.

Even you gun haters out there. Go ahead, ask away. Email your questions, or recordings, to [email protected]

How to cause anarchy by telling people what the law actually says

Since the story came up on Facebook, I thought I’d fire up the microphone and tell you all about the time I told all my high school peers how to beat a traffic ticket in California.

It’s not like they get better

Prison is a punishment. It really isn’t something that cures people of their urges.

Police on Friday accused a Raleigh man of an attempted sex offense with a seven year-old child.

He’s been to prison for this before

Suspect (Bonus: his sex offender profile)

And for a bunch of other things.

#NRA’s Billy Johnson imagines a world where guns were treated like other rights Gun control fanatics freak out

I’ve long thought that the bulk of anti-gun activists are emotionally challenged individuals. It appears that they are mentally challenged as well. How else do you explain the virulent reaction to what is really an innocuous video?





Oh dear! What did the NRA say now? Are children going to be forced to carry AR-15s in class? Are we finally becoming Margaret Atwood’s totalitarian Christianist theocracy, with children being forced to be the revolutionary vanguard?

Well, not exactly. It seems that Billy Johnson, of NRA News and Amidst The Noise has asked us a simple question. Why does US “gun policy” start from the  strange position of assuming that it is a good government position to limit access to a fundamental Constitutional right? Billy asks why guns aren’t treated like every other thing our government calls a right.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

You see the part where he says we should force all children to carry guns at school? Me neither.

Billy asks some good questions. Whenever something is considered a “Right” by our government, the Left goes out of their way to insist that the government not only allow people that right, but pay for it. Or force others to pay for it. Education? It’s a “Right” and so schools are free. We’ll leave aside for now the discussion of what is and is not a right. Go talk with Kevin Baker if you want to know the difference between a “Right” and “something that people have decided is important and so try to call a ‘Right’ but actually isn’t.”

Billy is correct. Since gun ownership is a fundamental Constitutional right, why is the government going out of its way to make it as difficult as possible to exercise that right? Why does the Federal government tolerate some states in their attempt to make it extremely difficult to “keep” arms and almost impossible to “bear” them? Would they tolerate a state which treated your right to free speech the same way?

If the Left was consistent, they would insist that the Second Amendment be treated just like the First. But no one actually expects the Left to be consistent. So instead of acknowledging the arguments made by Billy, they misrepresent his statements, freak out publicly, and insist that he is some sort of crazy lunatic for even opening his mouth. You can always tell who the Left thinks is a danger. The ones they attack the loudest are the ones they know are hurting them.

Well, Billy, you’re taking flak. That means you’re over the target.