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Everyone likes a happy ending

Not all crime stories have happy endings. They wouldn’t be crime stories if they were all happy. But not all of them have sad endings either. Today we get a happy ending to contrast with your daily dose of felons behaving badly.

Two robbery victims, one shot in the hand during a struggle, turned the tables on an armed robber early Sunday, tied him up with shoelaces and held him until police arrived, Durham police said.

A struggle turned into a shooting, but one of the intended victims came up with the gun and used it as a blunt object. Cops arrived to find the perp tied up with shoelaces.


It’s nice that the tables got rotated, but it would be nicer still if the criminal had been in some secure facility serving time for his previous crimes instead.

Hopefully the nurse is giving the victim all the Happy Endings he wants. When I lived in northern Maryland, I always ordered my Happy Endings with vanilla and caramel.

Birds of a Feather

That’s a strange thing to focus on in a murder case

Alcohol Played A Factor In Man’s Shooting Death

So what happened?

Police in Alexander County were investigating a homicide after they said a fight between two friends ended with one man being shot in the head Thursday night.

So two guys got drunk, got into a fight, and one shot the other. Another case of guns turning a simple fight into a murder?



Or another case of two ne’er-do-wells resorting to violence because they can’t be bothered to absorb the normal socially acceptable ways of dealing with anger?

Another on a long list of things my father said when I was a child that turned out to be useful wisdom in adulthood was “Birds of a feather flock together.” Look at your friends. What they are is what you are. Look at your girlfriend/boyfriend’s friends. Whatever they are, s/he is. Make sure to take a good look before you marry. If you find that you don’t like what you see in your friends or your significant other’s friends, now is the time to walk away.

Pimp runs riot

The headline is kind of strange.

Morrisville police charge man brought women to hotel as prostitutes

Umm, what does that even mean?

A 21-year-old Greensboro man is facing three counts of human trafficking and several other charges from Morrisville police who said he brought three women to a hotel near RDU International Airport to work as prostitutes, according to arrest warrants.

Oh, I get it. They didn’t want to say “Greensboro man arrested as a pimp and human trafficker.”


I’d love to know more about that Riot & Civil Disorder conviction in Guilford County last year.

Credit card fraudulator

Stealing a word-like object from Lawdog (well, one of his inmates, actually)  here’s a case of someone fradulating a whole bunch of credit cards.

Wake County sheriff’s investigators charged a Halifax County man with forging 14 bank cards, having and transporting 18 counterfeit prepaid debit cards and having methamphetamine with him when they stopped his car on U.S. 64 on Wednesday.

I think there might be an obvious reason that he’s turned to fraudulating in public without a license.


See if you can spot the pattern.

How would you like this guy following YOUR daughter?

This is a level of creepy beyond normal everyday creepy.

A man stalked a girl on her way to a school bus stop Tuesday morning, talking to her and telling her she was pretty, and then followed her onto her bus and ignored the driver’s orders to get off, police charged.

What kind of sicko would follow a 16 year old onto a bus?


Not one who has any respect at all for normal social behavior rules.

Stabbed at the Bar

The Raleigh PD have arrested their suspect

Police charged a 25-year-old woman with assault in the stabbing of a man who was found seriously injured at Flashbacks bar on Capital Boulevard early Monday.

Who stabs a guy at a bar?


He was an absconder from parole when the stabbing happened. He’s not merely a felon, but one who can’t abide by the terms of his probation.

It’s also interesting that he was convicted of Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury, but he got probation and not jail time. Would you or I be treated similarly?

Vile, and violent, child abuse

Abuse of the defenseless is worse than almost every other crime.

A Raleigh man was being held in Raleigh on $1.8 million bail Thursday on charges of breaking a 13-year-old’s arm and committing a sex offense with another child in 2013 and three indictments from 2012 and 2013.

So who would do something like this?


Why was this person even free to commit a crime?

Making school bomb threats

Who threatens to bomb a school?

A Raleigh resident was being held in the Wake County Detention Center on Wednesday on charges that he said there was a bomb at Carnage Middle School while students were on their way there Tuesday morning.

Did someone “snap” and start making bomb threats on little kids?


Or did a criminal act like a criminal?

Shooter goes before the judge

He’s being held on $2 million bond.

Investigators have released the name of a Pitt County man shot and killed over the weekend. Meanwhile, the alleged shooter –with an extensive criminal history– is being held under a $2 million bond.

“The suspect and the deceased both attended the party together. There were several gang members at the party. We cannot say the victim was a gang member, the suspect was,” said Lieutenant Chad Suggs, who is investigating the case.

Investigators said they learned that (Suspect) and (Victim) attended a party together Sunday morning. (Suspect) then shot (Victim) during an argument, said the Sheriff’s Office.

The anti-gunners like to pretend that guns let arguments “get out of hand” and turn into murder.


Generally when you look at these things you find that it’s not the gun, but the criminal wielding that gun that makes the difference.

Barbecuing the family dog

This is a sick individual.

Police have charged a 51-year-old man with setting a fire at a Beverly Drive home that killed a dog Friday night while his sister and her two daughters were away.

Who solves his problems by torching a house and burning up a dog in the process?


Someone who has already demonstrated his contempt for ordinary social behavior standards.