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He wanted to know what time it was

I know that there are still people who wear watches. But 34 of them?

When police arrested a man Friday night at a Kohl’s store on Shenstone Boulevard, they said, he had shoplifted 34 men’s watches and seven pieces of clothing.

What time is it, anyway?


Time to put him somewhere where the only appropriate tool for measuring time is a calendar.

Crashing on the getaway

You really shouldn’t run from the cops. You probably can’t drive well enough to get away.

A Durham man led sheriff’s deputies on a chase that ended in a crash and his arrest Thursday evening, according to the Durham County Sheriff’s Office.

They were looking for him because he was selling drugs and guns.


He can’t follow the road any better than he can follow the law.

Head butting a pregnant woman

Just a few days ago ThinkProgress (which is in favor of neither thinking nor anything that could actually be called progress) freaked out over the state of South Carolina expanding the self defense rights of pregnant women.

On Thursday, a Senate committee in South Carolina voted to expand the state’s so-called “Stand Your Ground” law to approve the use of deadly force to protect a fetus. The proposal would grant pregnant women protection from prosecution if they were defending their “unborn children,” defined as “the offspring of human beings from conception until birth.”

Maybe they were trying to protect this guy.

According to arrest warrants, (Suspect) head-butted a pregnant woman near Leland on Monday, breaking her nose.

And what sort of person thinks it is a good idea to head butt pregnant women?


Exactly the sort of person no one would miss if he caught a bullet.

Collecting quarters for bail money?

I wonder if bail bondsmen take quarters.

A Cary man apparently tested the patience of Wake County magistrates, and one ordered him held on $100,000 bail after being arrested for the second time in two days on charges that he broke into vending machines.

You’d think that a person would keep his nose clean until the most recent arrest had blown over. But no.


He doesn’t seem to have that part of the human brain that says “follow the rules.”

He appealed his case to a higher court

There was never any real chance he would get away. He killed both of his parents and during the manhunt he killed a Forest Service officer along with that officer’s K9. They were never going to give up until they caught him and he was never getting out of prison.

The suspect of a double homicide who was killed following a manhunt March 12 in Burke County shot himself in the head as he was confronted by officers and shots were fired, according to new information from the Burke County Sheriff’s Office on Monday.

He’d already made it pretty clear that he had no interest in following the laws of this State. He was a criminal long before he murdered his parents. If fact, they weren’t even the first people he’d ever killed.


Good riddance.

Killing in Charlotte

I know this is going to come as a surprise, but there was another murder in Charlotte.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have arrested two men in connection to a murder in north Charlotte that happened Monday afternoon.

So did a Concealed Handgun Permit holder suddenly snap and shoot someone over a parking space dispute?

Suspect 1


Oh. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Fraud can get expensive

Stealing from Wal-Mart must be lucrative.

(Suspect), 42, of 3523 Greywood Drive, is accused of conspiring to obtain about $159,000 from Walmart under false pretenses and of possessing more than 30 “counterfeit instruments” used to make fake payroll checks, according to arrest warrants.

That’s a lot of money.


But you didn’t expect someone willing to steal on that grand of a scale to be new at this, did you?

Killing a police officer

The anti-gunners are always telling us that more guns equals more crime. That letting ordinary citizens carry guns will lead to police officers getting killed. So why aren’t they jumping up and down promoting this?

Authorities say a New Bern police officer shot in the face during a foot chase and shootout has died.

When all was said and done, one officer was mortally wounded, another wounded but will recover, and the suspect dead. Is this what happens when ordinary citizens, hyped up on anti-government tea party rhetoric, turn insurrectionist?


Or is it what happens when criminals treat officers with the same complete lack of respect they treat laws?

Getting stabby in Charlotte

More non-random violence between people who “knew each other.”

Police were called to the scene of a stabbing at Rozzelles Ferry and the 1700 block of West Trade Street on Thursday night.

They found one victim, who was taken to Carolinas Medical Center with life-threatening injuries from a stab wound, around 6:15 p.m.

Was it a citizen who was “law abiding until he wasn’t?”


I guess not.

Another day in the Durham free fire zone

Is there a sign up that says “Say it with Bullets” in Durham?

Police are searching for a man charged with murder following a fatal shooting at an apartment on Liberty Street on Saturday.

There must be something that leads to these killings.



Nope. Best if we just blame the guns.