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Stealing dresses

Not all crime is violent, but it takes a certain kind of person to be a criminal.

Police took a Knightdale woman into custody over the weekend after she was accused of conspiring with someone to steal 25 women’s dresses from a Belk’s store at The Streets at Southpoint shopping mall in Durham.

Most people don’t like to take what isn’t theirs.


Others, however, will rob you blind and probably won’t even feel bad about it.

Careful how you choose a babysitter

Watching your child is the biggest responsibility you can give anyone. So how do you choose a babysitter? Not like this.

A 15-month-old remains hospitalized with first-, second- and third-degree burns after she was scalded by hot water in a bathtub.

THIRD DEGREE BURNS? From a BATHTUB!?!?!? Something isn’t right there.

Sgt. Myron Shelor with Gaston County Police said (Suspect) had on headphones, listening to music and playing games on the computer when she was supposed to be watching the children.

(Victim) climbed into the bathtub and turned on the hot water, burning herself, police said. It wasn’t until a family friend came home and heard her cries that she was taken from the tub, according to family members.

And who was this paragon of babysitting prowess?


Perhaps not the best choice to supervise your child.

And while you’re thinking about it, make sure your hot water heater isn’t set so high that you can give your baby third degree burns.

Suspicious man gets visit from police

He was wandering around where he shouldn’t be, so they called the cops.

A break-in at a Wake Forest home was thwarted Friday afternoon thanks to an alert neighbor who called police.

“We were just sitting out back and saw the guy walk around,” said the Good Samaritan, who didn’t want to be identified. “We just kept an eye on him and saw what was going on and called and the police who were very quick to get here.”

And who did they catch?


Good work, neighbor!

Shot dead by the gas pumps

How would you like that as your epitaph?

One man was killed outside of a convenience store in west Charlotte Wednesday.

And who were involved?



Strange how that happens.

Another guy leaving his kids in the car

I was born and raised in California. I waited in the car for my parents a time or two in my youth, and no one ever said a thing. We knew enough to roll down the windows. That, plus the fact that air conditioning wasn’t really widespread back in the 70′s meant that no one was all that worried about it.

A Wake County father is charged with several counts of misdemeanor child abuse.

Car off, temps inside over 100 degrees


He has a pattern of irresponsible and criminal behavior.

His retirement plan sucks

I’m guessing he didn’t put enough money in his 501K, so his plan is to live in State housing.

Police arrested a  man accused of robbing a northwest Charlotte bank last week.

At a time when most people are looking ahead to retirement, this guy is trying to get himself locked up.


Why wasn’t he in prison for the two felony convictions a little over a year ago?

I suspect you’ll find a few suspects among the convicts

People who commit one crime will frequently commit another.

A woman already in a North Carolina prison was indicted Tuesday in the brutal murder of a 74-year-old retired Durham firefighter.

She’s in prison right now on a probation revocation from her last felony.


There’s an aphorism about leopards and spots that seems to fit here.

And he was walking around free

It sounds so pedestrian at first.

The murder suspect in last week’s standoff with authorities  has been released from the hospital.

He’s accused of murdering a friend and then taking potshots at the police until they shot him. But here’s the rest of the story.

This is not the first brush with the law that (Suspect) has had. He has had run-ins with authorities since 1972 and has been in and out of prison since 1979.

His most recent conviction was for the murder of his sister Sincere Starr Peterson, in August of 1990.

Along with the murder conviction and multiple incarcerations, (Suspect) has been admitted 28 separate times to institutions for mental problems, according to Cleveland County court house from his 1992 trial.

“He (Suspect) is the product of a broken justice system,” [Cleveland County Sheriff] Norman said in an earlier interview.

Broken? I’d return that Help Desk request stamped “Operating as Designed.” It’s not broken when that’s the way it always works. Broken implies some error of output for a given input. Broken implies a possibility of fixing. This is just business as usual.


So we’ve learned that no matter how crazy and how criminal, they will eventually let the person out to cause more trouble. And they will blame the killings and violent crimes on you and me for owning guns. Because it’s not the crazy criminals, it’s you and I with guns.


Robbing the Wendy’s

All this trouble,

Police say three men worked together in the robbery of a Wendy’s restaurant and the endangerment of several customers on June 13.

And they only got about $300.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3 was not named in the story.

Suicide by dump truck

Selfish to the end.

The man who was charged with killing his ex-girlfriend in west Mecklenburg County earlier this week died in a hospital Thursday night from injuries sustained in a car crash.

The report indicated he intentionally drove into the opposite lane of traffic on Gold Hill Road and Highway 21 in York County, hitting a dump truck head-on.

And who was this wonderful example of domestic bliss?


Good riddance. But did he have to involve some poor innocent truck driver?

Check out the video on this story. They interview a father and son who were there when the crash happened and tried to save the suspect. Dad’s heroism is in no way diminished by the fact that the suspect didn’t deserve the assistance.