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Lottery thief

The long arm of the law will eventually catch you

York County authorities arrested a fugitive wanted in North Carolina.

Police say (Suspect) stole lottery tickets, activated them and collected the winnings when he worked at A-1 Express Mart in Lincolnton.

Who does this?


People who already don’t like to follow the law.

Arrest in East Charlotte shooting death

Cops in Charlotte have their suspect.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have made an arrest after two men were shot near the 3200 block of Shamrock Drive Wednesday afternoon.

(Suspect) was charged following the fatal shooting of (Victim), 26, who died at the scene of what appeared to be a drug-related shooting, officials said

Police said (Suspect) was found a short distance from the scene by “observant patrol officers” and taken to CMPD headquarters to be interviewed by detectives.

So who are we talking about?



And the cops suspect it was “drug related.” Big surprise.

Punching the K9

Look, I understand it’s annoying when a dog bites you, but maybe punching this particular dog isn’t your best choice.

Wake sheriff’s deputies say a man on parole injured a fellow deputy and punched his K-9 partner Tuesday evening when they stopped the man on a road near Zebulon.

According to arrest warrants, (Suspect) ran and fought Brannan when he and his K-9 partner, Conan, caught up.

Brannan got cuts and bruises on his right hand, deputies charged, and (Suspect) assaulted Conan “by punching him numerous times with a closed fist in head and body area.”

Conan was not hurt in the struggle, said Capt. James Stevens, a sheriff’s office spokesman.

Brannan was treated for the cuts on his hand and released, Stevens said.

And what sort of person runs when confronted by the cops and fights with the police dog when caught?


That kind.

Ramming Speed!

You know, when a cop checks on me in a parking lot, my first reaction isn’t the same as this guy’s.

A man faces several charges after causing a bizarre series of events that include several crashes and resisting arrest on Thursday night.

An off-duty officer was flagged down by a person who said a man was slumped in vehicle in the parking lot of the Arboretum Shopping Center.

The officer tried to wake-up the suspect, 35-year-old (Suspect). (Suspect) became combative and the officer attempted to place him into custody.

(Suspect) then attempted to flee from officers in his vehicle, striking the police officer. (Suspect) continued driving in the parking lot, striking several parked vehicles and a police vehicle. The suspect’s vehicle then overturned as he attempted to drive over a curb, according to police.

The wicked flee when no man persueth?


Or maybe it’s just become a spinal reflex with him.

Sometimes it’s the little things that get you in trouble

If you’re committing big crimes you want to get away with, don’t commit little crimes that catch the attention of the police.

Police encountered a man on a Raleigh street shortly after midnight and charged him with urinating with public – and with breaking and entering and larceny in a burglary that had happened up the street just before.

And who is this paragon of public decorum?


Some people seem to want to be caught.

Speeding to Elude leads to crashing and child abuse charges

When the bright flashy lights appear in your rear-view, probably best to pull over immediately.

Wake County sheriff’s officials charged a 20-year-old father misdemeanor child abuse Friday night in connection with his wrecking a vehicle with his child in it.

(Suspect) of Fuquay-Varina attempted to flee from police during a stop on Fayetteville Road in Fuquay-Varina. He wrecked the vehicle and caused over $1,000 in damage and injured his child, according to warrants. The arrest warrant does not say how old (Suspect)’s child is or what condition the child was in after the accident.

And who would flee from the cops with his child in the car?


Someone who has already proven that he doesn’t value the life or property of another.

He just can’t keep his hands off things

Criminals aren’t like you and me. We know that certain things are off-limits. We don’t take things we don’t own, we don’t hurt people, and we keep our hands off 15-year-old girls.

Police on Tuesday charged (Suspect), 33, of Garner with three counts of statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl last fall between his being paroled from prison and arrested on a new charge by Raleigh police.

He was in prison until Sept. 28, 2013, then released on parole the day before Garner police charged that the statutory rape began.

We already know he’s a felon, but how bad of a person was he?


Keeping his hands off things that don’t concern him is a serious failing on his part.

He’s familiar with conning people into things

The most dangerous thing in the world is a con man. They misuse your trust to convince you to do what they want.

Police detectives early Wednesday charged a 46-year-old man with four counts of first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor, saying in arrest warrants that he had nude photos of a 16-year-old girl.

And what does this have to do with a con-man?


Keep scrolling down

Craigslist robbery and murder

Be careful when using Craigslist

An 18-year-old Durham man has been charged in connection with a fatal attempted robbery that happened Tuesday night on Pebblestone Drive in Durham, police said.

Eighteen year old young man goes to buy a phone he found on Craigslist and the guy “selling” it shoots him.

The victim doesn’t appear to have any criminal record.


The suspect even managed to shoot himself in the process.

(Suspect), 18, of Raleigh, was taken to a local hospital, where he later died. Hood also suffered a gunshot wound during the attempted robbery, but his injuries were not life-threatening. Authorities said Wednesday that Hood’s injury was self-inflicted and that one gun was recovered from the scene.

Sadly, the wound will not prove fatal.

Someone needs to explain to me how this suspect got probation for a previous 2nd degree kidnapping charge along with the Assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. He was convicted only 14 months prior to the murder. He should have still been in prison.

I hope that the judge and the prosecutor are happy with the outcome.

Robbing the Sonic

Sometimes your own employee sells you out.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the armed robbery of a Sonic fast-food restaurant in Cumberland County, including one of the store’s employees.Officials said two men entered the back door of the restaurant on Bragg Boulevard Friday around 10:30 p.m. wearing masks. The pair had a small handgun and demanded money from employees.

The suspects fled on foot and tried to get to a getaway vehicle parked across the street from the restaurant.

After further investigation, police arrested Sonic assistant manager 28-year-old (Suspect 3) and charged him with felony aid and abet armed robbery and felony conspiracy.

It makes sense to consider who you hire very carefully.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

Perhaps they were unaware that they had hired a man with two convictions for Common Law Robbery and had served almost 4 years in prison for felony child abuse.