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Santa Cruz, California goes Shall Issue

Some of you may know that I have a brother who lives in Northern California. I visited him behind enemy lines in October of last year. While I don’t really like Santa Cruz, he’s just found out that the Sheriff has decided to abide by the Peruta ruling and start issuing Concealed Weapon Licenses.

Here’s a PDF of the letter the Sheriff is handing out. The PDF is hosted by a local training company, but my brother went down to the Sheriff’s office and got handed the same letter.

You’ve got to read the process to believe it.

Phase One (to be completed by all applicants)

  1. Complete and submit a Standard Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon (Cal DOJ form FD4012). Do not include separate attachments for information requested within the application. Initial every page of the document.
  2. Based on current law, and in the absence of any applicable exclusionary factors, self-defense or personal safety qualifies as sufficient “good cause” for the issuance of a license. However, if the law changes in any respect, we may require applicants to supplement the “good cause” statement in order to retain any CCW License that has been issued based on the law in place at the time the license was issued.
  3. Submit three signed letters of character reference from individuals other than relatives.
  4. Submit proof of ownership and registration of each weapon to license for concealment.
  5. Submit two recent passport size photos (2” x 2”) of the applicant.
  6. Complete Live Scan applicant fingerprinting for CCW application (DOJ fees paid by applicant): or 454-3007 for more information.

Once the application package has been reviewed, the application will either be advanced to phase two or will be denied. In the event the application is denied, the applicant will be notified in writing.

Phase Two (to be completed only by those applicants successfully competing phase one)

  1. Participate in personal history interview.
  2. If directed: provide written evidence from a licensed physician that the applicant is not currently suffering from any medical condition that would make the individual unsuitable for carrying a concealed weapon. All costs paid by applicant.
  3. If directed: complete psychological testing by an authorized psychologist used by the Sheriff’s Office. The cost to the applicant many not exceed $150.00.
  4. Complete a 4-hour (minimum) course of training approved by the Sheriff’s Office. The cost of training is paid by the applicant directly to the approved trainer.


And you just know that the Sheriff will certainly direct everyone to get a Doctor’s note as well as a $150 psych eval. All of this just to exercise a basic fundamental right to bear arms.

Here’s a copy of the standard California CWL application.

So, on the plus side, Shall Issue CWLs in Santa Cruz, California. (75%-20% Barack Obama in 2012)

On the minus side, Fees, Fees, Fees! Because we can’t allow the masses to Keep AND Bear arms. That would be unthinkable!

I’m glad I don’t live in California.

My thoughts on the retirement of Representative Barrel Shroud

So I hear that Representative Carolyn McCarthy is retiring.

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) announced today that she would not be seeking re-election after serving nine terms in the US House of Representatives. McCarthy, who made her name by pushing gun control bills in Congress, has lung cancer and has been undergoing treatment for the last six months.

Well, let me be the first to wish for her eventual recovery. Many times people on the Left post ill-considered wishes for the deaths of their political enemies. Rest assured that Ms. McCarthy has my best wishes for a very long, long, long life. I want her to have to live through us demolishing the unconstitutional and wrongheaded gun control laws she worked so hard to prop up. When we are all free to open carry AR-15s in Central Park, NYC, I want her alive to see it.

I once got Representative McCarthy to send me a campaign sticker. Somehow both the bumper sticker and some 230gr. +P HydroShok bullets ended up at the range at the same time. This seems like a good time to re-post it.

McCarthySticker 003

It was time to rotate the carry ammo anyway.

Goodbye. Good riddance. Get well.

#BullyMoms: Not anti-gun, Anti-freedom

The recent ruling repealing the ban on Federal Firearms Licensed gun dealers in Chicago is an obvious statement of the facts. If you can’t buy a gun, you can’t possibly exercise your right to keep and bear arms. Only a complete moron would argue otherwise. In fact, the reason that gun sellers are banned in Chicago is to prevent as many Chicago residents as possible from keeping and bearing arms.

But guess who pops up to deplore the ruling.

U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang has ruled that Chicago’s ordinance prohibiting licensed gun stores from operating in the city is unconstitutional. The court’s decision reportedly cited the city’s failure to prove that banning licensed gun dealers has a significant impact in reducing gun violence. The ruling would also decriminalize many private transfers of firearms between individuals inside city limits.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is shocked that in a densely populated city struggling to keep children safe from gunfire, the court has dealt a serious blow to public safety by essentially encouraging more citizens to arm themselves. We firmly believe that loosening gun legislation is a step in the wrong direction, and we echo the Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, who ‘strongly disagrees’ with this ruling and said in a statement yesterday, “we need stronger gun safety laws, not increased access to firearms within the city.” (PDF Warning)

Wow. They just put it out there, don’t they? They don’t try to hide their hatred of gun ownership at all. All the previous gun ban groups have tried to downplay their hope that purchasing a gun should be as near impossible as can be arranged, but Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. comes right out and says it.

Every single firearm transfer in a Federally licensed gun store in Chicago would occur only after the person buying received an Illinois Firearm Owner’s ID (FOID) card AND the federally required background check. This is exactly what Moms have been Demanding. Yet even this is too “liberal” for them. The thought that an ordinary Chicago resident could wander into a gun store, waive his State issued FOID at the guy behind the counter, and be sold a functional firearm just horrifies these women.

They think that at the very least, you should be required to get in your car and drive to the suburbs to buy your evil slaughter tool. Too poor to own a car? Don’t have public transportation that will take you to the evil slaughter tool pushing salesman? Too bad. Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. says no guns for you.

They don’t just hate your gun. They hate your freedom as well.

Can’t Bloomberg give us even one day of peace?

Merry Christmas, everyone. Want to see (Former) Mayor Bloomberg’s Christmas wish?

States should make background checks for firearm buyers a stronger tool to prevent gun violence by focusing not only on applicants with mental illness but also on whether they have been violent or abused alcohol or drugs, a group of experts says.

Oh, lovely. I just want to spend the day with my family and I get attacked by Bloomie’s anti-gun minions on my holiday.

So what do they propose?

Determining ahead of time who is most likely to shoot others or themselves is the challenge, he said. So the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy has come up with recommendations focused on the past behavior of those who want to buy guns. The report urges states to temporarily suspend gun rights to those who meet these profiles:

  1. Anyone convicted of a violent misdemeanor.
  2. Anyone subject to a temporary domestic-violence restraining order.
  3. Anyone convicted of two or more driving while impaired or misdemeanor controlled substance convictions within five years.

The report recommends temporarily confiscating guns from those who have been briefly held involuntarily in a mental health facility, even if they haven’t been formally committed by a judicial or administrative order. The report suggests states also develop specific timelines and processes for restoring gun rights.

Are you kidding me?

1. “Violent” misdemeanor? They plan on taking away a fundamental civil right based upon a misdemeanor? Of course they do. Never mind that the majority of murders are committed by people with FELONY criminal records. For them, gun ownership and self defense are privileges extended by the state. And since they are not natural civil rights, the State can take those privileges away. No. If it’s serious enough to lose your fundamental civil rights over, it’s serious enough to be a felony.

2. Your civil rights taken away based upon the unsupported word of a woman to a judge in a legal proceeding where you are not even invited to defend yourself sounds more like the workings of a Communist show trial than it sounds like the faithful following of the Constitution, doesn’t it? The problem is that this is already the law. If your wife wants to divorce you, she need only tell a judge that she’d like a restraining order and you’re banned from possessing a firearm in the State. You don’t even get to appear at the first hearing to defend yourself. It sounds like a nightmare to me, but it’s embraced wholeheartedly by the gun ban crowd.

3. Again with the misdemeanors taking away your civil rights. If it’s serious enough to warrant taking away civil rights, it’s serious enough to be a felony.

The best part of this is how they skip over the problem of enforcement. We see “felon in possession” charges punished with 9 months to 18 months in prison. We never see actual hard time. Do these people ask for the serious criminals to get serious jail time for their crimes? No. Whenever something bad happens they run to the nearest podium and demand more restrictions on the people who didn’t do it.

Go home, (Former) mayor Bloomberg, you’re drunk, on power.

“Join Forces?”

It’s sad, but in my experience, journalists are generally not much better than transcribers for press releases. They just copy/paste whatever press release they get without bothering to exercise even a modicum of critical thinking.

High-profile gun control groups join forces

Moms will soon join mayors in a push to limit access to illegal firearms, as two high-profile groups reveal plans to merge.

Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns on Thursday will announce that it is joining with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a year-old grassroots campaign launched the day after the Dec. 14, 2012, shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The combined group will align Bloomberg’s deep pockets with the strong social network and media savvy the mothers’ group brings. The billionaire founder of Bloomberg News said last week that he’ll “devote extensive resources of my own” to the effort.

Umm, guys? You’re already the same group. Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc, can’t “join” Illegal Mayors Against Guns, another wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc, any more than my big toe can “join” my foot.

Oh, and North Carolinians, Bloomberg has registered a 501(c4) non-profit here in NC, the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund. Expect to see some anti-gun campaign ads.

Can you imagine having so much money that you can fund all these organizations? Bloomberg can.

I get kicked out of a “Memorial Service” at a Catholic Church (*Video*)

I ended up visiting the anti-gun Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc’s “Memorial Service” and fundraising event in Durham. I visited for about 30 seconds. Here’s how the News and Observer puts it.

Just before the event started, Haldeman was chatting in the church vestibule when her eyes narrowed. She dashed in front of a dark haired, clean-cut man.

“Sean, you are not welcome here,” she said. “Please leave the premises.”

The man, Sean Sorrentino, left quietly. A gun-rights activist, Sorrentino recently posted on his blog a picture of Mothers Demand Action members gathered in front of a church.

The caption: “Congratulations, you’ve had a child. How does having sex without birth control qualify you to infringe on our rights?”

Here’s the photo they are referring to

Moms Demand

I didn’t make any sort of a disturbance, nor would I have made one, especially inside of a house of worship. I think it’s projection. The Left enjoys disrupting events, so they probably can’t imagine that we wouldn’t return the favor.

ABC11 WTVD actually made me their headline.

Protester thrown out of Durham Sandy Hook vigil

A service was held Saturday in Durham honoring the Newtown school shooting victims and demanding gun reform. Others made their voices heard in favor of gun rights.

Not everyone at the service was in favor of gun restrictions. A man standing across the street called himself a protester and said he was thrown out.

“I am a fairly well known local activist for gun rights. So the organizer recognized me at the door and kicked me out,” protester Sean Sorrentino said. “Why do they want to take away my rights in order to feel better about something some crazy person did?”

Here’s the video

(RSS Readers, Click HERE to view videos)

NewsCarolina 14 also stopped to chat.

But there’s also the other side. Sean Sorrentino said he was banned from the ceremony because he’s a vocal second amendment supporter. He says gun control shouldn’t limit his rights.

“Take a look at these people who are committing this crime and what’s actually happening is that these people have a criminal history. Put them in jail, leave them in jail,” he said.

I should point out that we were talking about violent crime in general, not Sandy Hook in particular when I pointed out the most violent crimes are committed by people with previous convictions.

Here’s the video.

Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc, is calling their current fundraiser/blood dancing effort “No More Silence,” but they don’t want to hear from anyone with a differing opinion.

Sexually transmitted moral authority

The ladies at Moms Demand Action, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg, Inc. are spending this week whining that they aren’t getting enough attention. Saturday the 14th is their big event, where they will ring bells in churches and “demand” “action.” I guess they believe that because they are moms that we’ll sit back and let them take away our rights.

I have one burning question for them.

Moms Demand

These Moms are demanding the following actions.

  1. Require background checks for all gun and ammunition purchases;
  2. Ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds;
  3. Track the sale of large quantities of ammunition, and ban online sales;
  4. Establish product safety oversight of guns and ammunition, and require child-safe gun technology;
  5. Support policies at companies and public institutions that promote gun safety;
  6. Counter the gun industry’s efforts to weaken gun laws at the state level.

Let’s break that down.

  1. Ban on all private transfers. Given the previous attempts, that means they will criminalize me handing my rifle to my friend who will use it to teach my wife to shoot.
  2. Since the leader of the Moms seems to think that anything that will allow you to shoot 10 rounds in a minute is an “Assault Weapon,” I would assume that they mean to ban everything, along with all of my pistol magazines.
  3. Registration of all ammo sales so they can track them. If you don’t think that will include components for reloading, you’re a fool.
  4. They will unilaterally require the redesign of all firearms to add “safety features” that no one who has a firearm actually wants. Like expensive and useless “smart” guns that will price poor people out of the self-defense market.
  5. Ban guns in restaurants, stores, and basically any public place.
  6. This one’s actually pretty funny. They don’t have the manpower (or Mompower) to match us out here in the state capitals.

I’ve got news for the Moms. I already have a mom. And she has a Glock 19.

Time for Business to do their part: A Modest Proposal

We all know that your rights trump everyone else’s ability to turn a profit, right? You run a business, you must provide health insurance for your full time employees or pay a penalty. According to Dahlia Lithwick, and several others, the fact that your religion forbids participation in abortion doesn’t change a thing.

Last week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. v. Sebelius and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius—a pair of cases probing whether the religious rights of a for-profit corporate entity allow it to refuse to provide for employees insurance that would include certain forms of birth control. In so doing, the court may now be forced to reckon with the question of whether the same corporate personhood that includes the right to free speech also encompasses rights to religious conscience. In other words, Corporate Personhood is back! And this time, it’s got God on its side.

How can we allow this to go on? Those dastardly plutocrats at Hobby Lobby are attempting to turn the church into a bludgeon to beat health care to death.

Artificially created constructs that exist to shield owners from lawsuits will be able to shield owners from compliance with basic civil rights laws.

I wholeheartedly agree. We cannot allow this spectacle to continue. We cannot permit the basic human rights of all Americans to be trampled because a few capitalists refuse to pony up the money. I just don’t think she goes far enough.

The Second Amendment, unlike this new found right to receive health insurance from your employer, is written directly into the foundation document of our government.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This isn’t remotely difficult to understand. What we never seem to recognize is that proper training is vital to ensure that our militia is “well regulated.” The most basic of all training is individual firearm instruction. It is well within the powers of the Federal Government to insist that everyone be proficient in the safe and effective use of firearms, but it would be unfair and discriminatory to force the citizens to pay for this training themselves. To limit a person’s rights under the Constitution simply because they cannot afford to exercise those rights is completely unacceptable.

What I propose is the “Affordable Firearm Training Act,” or “AFTA.” Congress shall pass a law that requires all businesses with 10 or more full time employees (30 or more hours a week = “full time”) shall be required to pay for or directly provide individual firearms instruction to their employees.

Because it not only says “keep,” it says “bear” arms in the Amendment, employers must pay for the necessary training not only to become proficient in the use of firearms, but also for each employee to meet the requirements of their State to receive a Concealed Handgun License or the equivalent. At a bare minimum all employees shall be trained to a standard that shall include,

If there is any further training necessary to “bear” arms in that State, the employer shall provide that training as well.

And as Dahlia Lithwick so eloquently points out, corporations are not people. They have no faith, conviction, or conscience, so they don’t get to complain that they oppose being forced to pay for this sort of training.

No one could possibly disagree with this approach, could they? We’ve already established the principle that if the government deems something to be a right, the government has the  power to force someone else to pay for it. Just look at Obamacare!

NBC takes note of our Gabby Giffords counterprotest

Via Arizona Rifleman (who’s posting again, so read him!) comes this wonderful story of how the gun grabbers are withering on the vine. The headline is fantastic.

Almost a year after Newtown, does anyone care about gun control anymore?

In the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, gun control was ground zero in American politics, captivating the public and politicos alike. It flared again late last month after a gunman killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard.

But now, as the first anniversary of Newtown approaches, the forces for gun control have little to celebrate, a lot to mourn and scant hope of change in the near term. On the front lines, activists say they are demoralized and adrift, the movement fraying at the roots as its leaders struggle to reignite a fading national moment for change.

“It’s not going well at all,” says Sally Christ, 56, a donor to Americans for Responsible Solutions, a major gun-control lobby launched this year by former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

I was happily reading Arizona Rifleman’s blog post on this when something jumped out and smacked me in the face like a wet fish.

That’s why, in late June and early July, Team Giffords—which includes Gabby, her husband Mark Kelly, her service dog Nelson, and a phalanx of operatives—toured seven states in seven days. Toting a suitcase of their own firearms, they preached “gun responsibilities,” and tried to engage hardline locals and gun rights politicians. At the same time, Mayors Against Illegal Guns ran a 100-day, 25-state summer bus tour, calling for an end to gun violence.

But the results of both tours were mixed at best. In state after state, major politicians ducked Giffords and Kelly, despite (or perhaps because of) ample advance notice of their arrival.  In Alaska, Mark Begich, one of four Democrats who voted against closing the gun show loophole, was said to be vacationing on an island without cell service when the tour arrived. In North Dakota, “friends in the NRA” forced a last minute venue change, according to a Team Giffords advance man, who himself declined to be named for fear of mixing with gun-grabbers from Washington. And when members of MAIG arrived in Fargo, the mayor told them that guns were not a problem.

The grassroots side of the campaign struggled as well. At a MAIG event in Columbus, Ohio, the Buckeye Firearms Association organized a counter rally that drew twice the crowd.  In Raleigh, N.C., when Giffords passed through, a gun blogger turned out two-dozen people shaking green signs that read: Guns Save Lives. But perhaps the most dramatic scenes were in Manchester and Dover, N.H., where protesters arrived “full battle rattle,” as one man noted on a Facebook page for the counter-protest, toting guns—including an AR-15—and forcing Giffords out a back exit after her speech.

I don’t know how to spell it, but you know that sound they use in cartoons when something screeches to a halt and crashes? That was what happened in my brain.

You see, I’m that “gun blogger” in Raleigh who “turned out two-dozen people shaking green signs that read: Guns Save Lives.” Of course, it wasn’t because all my blog readers turned up, it was because I was leading the Grass Roots North Carolina protest. It was GRNC who emailed all their members in Wake and Durham counties asking them to show up at an unknown (at the time) location with about 24 hours notice. We didn’t know where we were going to set up until 10 hours before the event where it was even going to be! Their secrecy was deliberate, because they didn’t want us to show up. Sadly (for them!) they failed. From my blog wrapup of that event…

Luckily, the media told us what was happening. We heard several variations, but the basics were that they would shoot sporting clays, have a round table discussion with gun owners, and meet with their supporters. The general consensus was that their round table discussion with gun owners would happen at “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in downtown Raleigh at around 11AM. Paul Valone of Grass Roots North Carolina couldn’t make it, so he put me in charge and asked me to make it happen. With less than 10 hours notice, we wrangled a crowd of about 25-30 people.

(Read the whole thing for photos and even some news video coverage.)

And now, months later, NBC is citing us and one of a number of reasons that the Astroturf anti-gun movement is failing.

If you ever wonder, “What can I do to make a difference,” think about me and those 25-30 people standing on a sidewalk in July, sweating, and doing TV interviews. We made a difference. Just by showing up, we made a difference. We showed the world the difference between Astroturf anti-gun and grassroots gun rights. We taught them all a lesson that no matter how much money you have and no matter how nice the private jet you flit about the country on, we have the numbers, intensity, and votes to beat you.

I’ve asked the author for a correction, noting that the protest was a GRNC event More importantly, I’ve emailed all my fellow protestors to let them know that NBC is pointing to them as one of the reasons that Astroturf anti-gunners have failed. They won a great victory for us that day.

How North Carolina receives carpetbaggers Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly

EDITED TO ADD: One of the stated aims of the Giffords/Kelly tour was to visit states where vulnerable Senators voted for or against the Toomey/Manchin gun control bill. Senator Kay Hagan, (D-NC) voted for T/M and is one of the most vulnerable Senators in the 2014 election. I saw no evidence at all that Hagan made any attempt to meet with Giffords or Kelly during this visit. This matches what happened in North Dakota where Democrats distanced themselves from her politically as well as physically.


North Carolina is shedding its reputation as The Massachusetts of Dixie when it comes to gun laws. We are poised to end a bunch of stupid prohibitions with House Bill 937. And if there’s one thing that North Carolinians can’t stand it’s outsiders coming here to tell us how to run our lives. Strange how a kid from California can move here and go all native, huh? All you Yankee Carpetbaggers, GO HOME!

Today was the last day of Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly’s whirlwind tour of the USA. Seven states in seven days.

Anyone know what this is?

Gabbys plane

That is a photo of the private jet Gabby and Mark flew around in. It’s a $25,000,000 Candair Challenger CL-600. It’s owned by Montfort Aviation, which is owned by the Montfort brothers. Charlie Montfort owns the Colorado Rockies baseball team. It must be nice to have such generous friends to fly you all across the USA to push for further infringements on our rights.

Dubbed the “Rights and Responsibilities Tour” (and hilariously hash tagged #RandRTour, yeah, that plane looks like Rest and Relaxation to me!) Giffords and Kelly seemed to be pushing the Spiderman theory of gun ownership. “With great power comes great responsibility.” The reality is that their organization, “Americans for Responsible Solutions” has four goals.

  1. Ban all private firearm transfers
  2. “Limit” all “high capacity” magazines. Limit appears to mean “ban.”
  3. “Limit” all “assault weapons” however they decide to define that. Limit appears to mean “ban” on this one as well.
  4. Stop “Gun Trafficking.” I guess they plan to make it illegaler. Double illegal? Triple illegal?

So however they spin themselves, they are just another garden variety gun grabber group. We met them on those terms.

It took a lot of doing to find out where the R&R Tour was going to show up. So much so that I actually went to the airport to meet the plane in hopes of getting info on their planned stops for today. The cops kicked me out.

Luckily, the media told us what was happening. We heard several variations, but the basics were that they would shoot sporting clays, have a round table discussion with gun owners, and meet with their supporters. The general consensus was that their round table discussion with gun owners would happen at “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in downtown Raleigh at around 11AM. Paul Valone of Grass Roots North Carolina couldn’t make it, so he put me in charge and asked me to make it happen. With less than 10 hours notice, we wrangled a crowd of about 25-30 people. Here we are at the beginning when the media showed up


Photo Credit: Eric S, Raleigh

Immediately the media descended. I gave 4 on camera interviews and one print interview. Our main message was, not surprisingly, “Why is Gabby Giffords trying so hard to avoid the group she claims to represent?” That message set the tone for a lot of the coverage.

WRAL, channel 5.

Giffords meets with gun control supporters in Raleigh

Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords visited Raleigh Sunday as part of a nationwide “Rights and Responsibilities Tour” to highlight ways they believe tougher laws can reduce gun violence.

Pro-gun rights group Grass Roots North Carolina criticized the couple for sitting down only with members of their organization rather than reaching out to gun owners across the political spectrum.

The group, which last week offered 100 rounds of free ammo to the first person to track down where Giffords would be, also questioned why details of the visit were not released until Saturday morning.

“Why are they hiding from the gun owners they claim to represent?” the group said in a statement Friday.

Here’s the video. I don’t speak on camera, but I spent quite a bit of time explaining to the reporter how they billed this as a “Round table with gun owners,” but we gun owners were excluded. I guess he listened. Listen for the bomb he drops on them for excluding us. You can see me in the crowd scene rocking the purple shirt.

UPDATE: The WRAL video has been pulled from the WRAL website. We’re trying to get another copy.

Note also how many people they have in the “round table.” Fourteen. We had double that on the street outside.

Here’s how NBC17 spun it.

Giffords brings gun control tour to Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. – A gun rights group staged a protest Sunday at The Pit restaurant, where former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, met to support tighter gun control laws.

But the gathering was “by invitation only” which led members of Grass Roots North Carolina to ask why they were not invited.

“We’d like to know why Gabby Giffords is hiding from the very gun owners she claims to represent,” said Sean Sorrentino, while protesting outside.

Let’s go to the tape. Watch how they’ve edited it to make it appear that I answer every question Mark asks. This reporter made me look awesome. (If the video doesn’t load for you, this is the link to watch it at their website)

WNCN: News, Weather for Raleigh. Durham, Fayetteville

ABC weighs in with this

Gabrielle Giffords holds Raleigh gun control rally

Not bad.

Here’s News 14 Carolina. I see that I need to work on not sounding so flat.

Here’s the print story from News 14

Gabrielle Giffords meets with Raleigh gun owners to discuss gun control

RALEIGH — Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords visited North Carolina as part of a nationwide tour to promote tougher gun laws.

Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, met with gun owners and victims of gun violence at The Pit restaurant in downtown Raleigh.

The group, Grassroots North Carolina, protested Giffords’ appearance criticizing it for being an “invitation only” event.

“They said they were speaking for the gun owners. Well, they’re hiding from the gun owners,” said Sean Sorrentino.

And finally, the Raleigh newspaper, The News and Observer.

Giffords, NC group both claim to represent gun owners’ best interests

RALEIGH — Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords urged a small group gathered Sunday at The Pit restaurant to keep up the battle to expand criminal background checks on gun sales.

Across the street, about 20 protestors with Grass Roots North Carolina held signs saying “Guns Save Lives.” The protest was the group’s latest attempt to show its frustration with Giffords’ message and with event organizers. A day earlier, Grass Roots North Carolina President Paul Valone publicly offered 100 rounds of free ammunition to the first person to identify the firing range Mark Kelly, Giffords’ husband, visited Sunday morning. The offer was made because Giffords’ and Kelly’s group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, didn’t publicly release details surrounding their Raleigh visit, Valone said.

By keeping the details hush-hush, Giffords and Kelly were not engaging with real gun owners, just a pre-selected group, he said.

Grass Roots North Carolina protest organizer Sean Sorrentino disagreed. Expanding criminal background checks places a hurdle in front of gun owners, Sorrentino said.“It’s saying I have to prove my innocence before I can use my Second Amendment rights,” he said.

Our mission was to deny them the chance to claim to be the middle ground. They are trying to play the “We’re moderate” card. Note how every reporter titled their story except N&O. “Gun Control.” There’s no euphemisms like “Gun Safety.” No “Common Sense Gun Laws.” It’s straight up “Gun Control.” That is pure win for our side.

I am really pleased with how the protest went. GRNC looked pretty good and Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly were variously tarred as lying about the round table and as plain old gun controllers.

If they were hoping to sweep in and change anything, they’ve failed. They’ve only managed to get my face on 3 of the 4 major news channels and GRNC’s repudiation of them in every single story printed. Having failed in their mission, they got in their jet and flew to Asheville so Gabby can continue her rehab.

I hope that Gabby gets better. There’s no reason a would be assassin should destroy her life. There’s also no reason she and her husband should try to use that assasination attempt to take away our rights.