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Fifteen will get you Twenty

Here’s a sicko

A man from the Statesville area man is facing charges of 28 counts of statutory rape of a 13, 14 or 15-year-old.

She apparently told the school resource officer.


This is a Class B1 Felony, for which the punishment is 16-20 years for the first offense.

Breaking in and stealing guns

Another candidate for neighbor of the year.

Police have charged a man with seven home break-ins in two weeks last October, including one in which three handguns were stolen.

And who breaks into homes and steals guns?


And if those guns had been used in a crime, the gun haters would blame the owners, not the criminals.

Another police involved shooting

It doesn’t look like the Al Sharpton will be organizing a march for this one.

A police officer shot and severely injured a convicted murderer who was stabbing a clerk working the night shift at a QuikTrip convenience store, investigators said.

The incident occurred about 10:30 p.m. Saturday at the QuikTrip on 310 E. Long Ave, which is across from Gastonia Police headquarters and a common stop for Gastonia police officers, according to store clerks.

According to police, Detective Jeff Wooten had just stopped into the convenience store when he saw the night-shift store clerk being attacked by a man with a knife.

He walked in on a stabbing, so he shot the stabber.


He’s already killed at least one person, his own mother. How many more chances does he get?

GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 24


Episode 24 is up!

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Hiding guns in the kid’s room

I usually skip all drug crimes, mostly because I don’t think they should be crimes. But I’m making an exception for this one because of what else they got him for.

Police say a Henderson man kept a loaded gun in the bedroom of a child under 16, next to snacks and candy, in the same southeast Raleigh house that the man facing charges was maintaining to sell cocaine and marijuana.

Now the gun grabbers tell us that if only there was a law that made it a crime to allow children access to firearms, the world would be happy and joyful again.


What about the law that says people like him can’t have guns either? If they can’t enforce that one, what makes them think they can demand the rest of us keep our guns under lock and key?

Family Values

This is a terrible thing to do to anyone, and especially bad to do it to family.

Police in Greenville have arrested a man who they say robbed his own brother at knifepoint.

Domestic violence?


Or just another criminal being a criminal to everyone around him?

GunBlog VarietyCast Episode 23


Episode 23 is out!

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Up on charges for murder, he solicits another murder

Why would anyone conspire with criminals?

A man in Union County, who is already in jail and previously accused of two murders, was charged with criminal solicitation for attempting to pay two fellow inmates to murder a witness in his upcoming trial, officials say.

Seriously? Two other inmates, who have every reason to rat you out so they can get a better deal and you’re going to try to contract a murder with them?


His other specialties include arson, blowing things up, Insurance Fraud, and driving drunk in other states.

Sean the Narrator

I had so much fun reading some short fiction for The Drabblecast that I asked around a few other audio fiction podcasts and was asked to read for the Fantasy genre Podcastle

“The Colors,” by John M. Shade
Read by Sean D. Sorrentino
Originally published in Daily Science Fiction

In the main tent, around the sand and dirt floor of the arena, a wooden wall is erected eight-feet tall. The worn, angled seating rises from there. A makeshift gate sits on the side where the opponents emerge, and another across from it from where I emerge. Real boulders dot the floor for cover or weapons, or both. Everything is wood or stone, nothing metal.

“I’ve had plenty enough experience with magnetic controllers to know that a little fire ain’t so bad,” Mother Circus would say.

It was a hoot. It is the second of three short fiction stories on the podcast. I think it’s a great story.

Weer’d told me that when he listened to the previous story, at the Drabblecast, he wouldn’t have recognized me. This one is even more different. Check it out.