Shining lasers at helicopters

Who does this?

A federal grand jury in Raleigh indicted a Brunswick County man Wednesday on a charge that he intentionally aimed a laser pointer at a helicopter in flight.

Blinding pilots while they’re flying an aircraft is just stupid


He seems to have a problem following the law.

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Stealing checks from a trucking company

I’m not sure this was a well thought out crime.

A Raleigh man remained in jail on $75,000 bail on Wednesday following his arrest on charges of forging and cashing $14,500 worth of checks stolen from a small Wake County trucking company.

How did he think he was going to get away with it?


I guess that 8 months he spent in prison didn’t teach him anything.

Woman stands her ground against domestic violence

Here’s your feel good story of the day.

Johnston County prosecutors have dismissed a second-degree murder charge against a woman charged in the stabbing death of her boyfriend.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Jackson said Tuesday that evidence showed Crystal Turner, 27, of Princeton, acted in self-defense when she stabbed (“Victim”*) in the neck early Sunday morning.

“In this case, the state has an affirmative duty to disprove any claim of self-defense, and the evidence in this case strongly supports Crystal Turner’s claim that she was defending herself,” Jackson said in a statement.

Investigators found that the couple had been drinking and that (“Victim”) hit Turner multiple times in the face with a closed fist during an argument.

The argument moved outside the home, Jackson said, where (“Victim”) threw a grill with hot coals at Turner, burning her.

This is a hard one to write about as there’s no shorthand for “Dude who got what he deserved, so I’m going to have to refer to him as “Victim” with the deliberate scare quotes.


The woman who defended herself does not appear to have any sort of criminal record in North Carolina, while the “Victim” has quite a few charges. The story says that the “Victim” was recently convicted of assaulting the woman, though that’s not included in the database.

This looks like a classic case of Stand Your Ground. I wonder if the SYG hating media will try to attack her? Where are the usual race mongering agitators? They might not like it, but this is why we worked so hard to pass the enhanced Castle law in NC which includes the “no duty to retreat” law.

Why does he live in a homeless shelter?

Aren’t we supposed to feel charitable towards the homeless?

Police have charged a man who lives at a Wake County homeless shelter with 21 counts of breaking into or entering cars and 18 counts of misdemeanor larceny during one night in August.

What sad path led him to living in a homeless shelter?


Maybe no one else wants him to live with them.

He has a terrible history

One of the more repugnant crimes

Police charged a Rocky Mount resident Tuesday with sex crimes involving a child between September 2007 and December 2009.

They said a child under 13 was involved.

Read his criminal record.


You have to go all the way to the bottom to see the felony charge, but to get there you have to scroll past a whole lot of abuse towards women. People who abuse one person they have power over will abuse others they get power over.

Shot to death in Salisbury

It’s interesting how they describe the area.

Salisbury Police are investigating a murder in an area of the city that has seen an increase in violent crime over the last few years.

The area has seen an increase in violent crime, but not the city itself. The is likely as close as most of the mainstream media will ever get to acknowledging that crime is down all over the country, and that violent crime is chiefly confined to the criminal class.


People who break the law tend to associate with others who break the law.

Satanic murder in Clemmons

My views on religion are pretty simple. It’s a free country, so worship, or not, however you please. I do wonder why anyone would decide to be a Satanist, however. With all the other gods to choose from, why worship evil?

The body of (Victim 1) was found, along with the body of another man, buried in a yard five years after they were reported missing.

(Suspect 1) and his girlfriend, (Suspect 2), faced a judge Thursday for a pretrial hearing. The two are accused of murdering (Victim 1) and (Victim 2), then burying their bodies five years ago.

Police said they were familiar with (Suspect 1), a self-proclaimed Satanist. Family members said he’d bragged about killing people and burying them in his back yard.

Click over and see the mug shot. Like Tam says, I could ID that guy out of a lineup and I wasn’t even there!

Suspect 1

Victim 1

Victim 2

I guess he was an “In for a Penny, In for a Pound” sort of guy.

When you announce that all fairgoers are disarmed…

When you announce that all fairgoers are disarmed, you should not be surprised when that attracts criminals.

Raleigh police are searching for two armed men who robbed two people at gunpoint late Saturday…

Police say the victims were walking to their vehicles after returning from the North Carolina State Fair around 11:30 p.m. when the armed men approached them and stole their wallets. 

Well what did Troxler expect? He made absolutely sure that everyone and their criminal brother knew that anyone coming out of the fair gates was disarmed for the robbers’ convenience.

How would it have been different if the announcement was “Any fairgoer might be carrying a gun…”? Would criminals be so quick to rob a group of people they knew had a possibility of being concealed carriers?

Disarming people makes them easier targets. Disarming them and then telling the whole world that they are unable to defend themselves attracts criminals. This is why I demanded my free armed escort to my car on the day I visited the fair.

For background on the State Fair Gun Ban, check out GRNC’s alerts on the subject.


GRNC Alert 10-13-14: Judge in State Fair Case Legislates From Bench

GRNC Alert 10-24-14: Troxler Lies about Fair Security

And here’s a short video I took showing the Security Theater at the State Fair.

They deny your right to defend yourself and then don’t even do a good job pretending to provide security.

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