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Sometimes the good guy with a gun uses has baton instead

A 14 year old with a butcher’s knife and a clown mask inside a middle school cafeteria is not something to be taken lightly. But one School Resource Officer stopped the threat.

A school resource officer is speaking out for the first time after he was deemed a hero for stopping a middle school student armed with a clown mask and two butcher knifes.

“It didn’t really sink in until it was over with,” Deputy Danny Lindley told WBTV.

The incident happened Tuesday morning at West Rowan Middle School in Salisbury.

Investigators say the student started waving a butcher knife ‘wildly in the air’ while wearing a clown mask. It happened in the school’s cafeteria.

That’s when Lindley found the 14-year-old student waving a 12-inch butcher knife.

I find it interesting what the deputy said about his choice in weapons.

Wednesday morning, Lindley said he could have shot the teen, but decided to use a less lethal method to stop him.

“A person with a knife, we’re basically trained that we can use up to and including deadly force,” Lindley added. “I felt that since there were no other children around him and no one was in immediate danger that I would start at the lower end of the use of force continuum which would be the asp baton.”

A gutsy choice, as a butcher knife is just as sharp in the hands of a 14 year old as it is in the hands of an adult.

This deputy showed up with several choices. He had his fists, his baton, and his gun. He might have had pepper spray as well. He had a choice and he selected the baton and won. What would you have been allowed to use? What choices would you have been permitted? What choices would the staff of that school been allowed had there been no School Resource Officer available to take the risk for them?

Sadly, that’s not a rhetorical question.

School officials say it shows the importance of the School Resource Officer program in middle schools. Those positions had been eliminated in Rowan County, but were brought back after grant money was found to fund the positions.

Resource Officers in Rowan-Salisbury middle schools were restored in March of this year.

Anyone want to bet that the elementary schools don’t have School Resource Officers? Who would be there to stop an adult from taking a knife to any one of the elementary schools and carving up the staff and students until the police showed up?

We need a better system than one that expects school staff to die as human shields until the authorized forcible response unit manages to arrive.

The real War on Women

Outside the Beltway this is what an actual war on women looks like.

Two Goldsboro men have been charged with sexual assault in Smithfield after they posted the attack online, according to police chief Michael Scott.

Investigators think the men may have used a date rape drug to sexually assault a 26-year-old woman they met at a party on Sept. 5. The woman called police after viewing the assault on a social media site, Scott said in a press release.

And what sort of person thinks it’s a good idea to drug and rape a woman, film it, and then post the video on “a social media site”?

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Just exactly the people you think would do something like this.

What caliber for wildebeast?

I’m not a fan of zoos. I like animals just fine. Dogs are great. Cats are pretty cool too. I’m ok with you having a bird, but I don’t want one. But I’ve no interest in getting close to exotic animals of any type.

A woman attacked by an exotic animal at a zoo is out of the hospital and recovering Monday night.

The harmless motion sparked the attack that happened in front of dozens of school children.
Scottie Brown said what happened to his bookkeeper Kimberly Hillman was a painful lesson to learn.
His staff was taking school children on the drive on a wagon through Zootastic in Iredell County Oct. 27 when a mother arrived late with her children.
The wagons had just left.
“I radioed her and said I saw the lady so Kim said, ‘Well, I’ll just bring them down in my car,’” Brown said. “So she brought them down and when she got out of the car she was walking the kids to the wagon. The wildebeest came over and she shooed it.”
That action caused the wildebeest to be aggressive.
“It hit her, threw her up in the air. She hit (the) ground, it picked her up again and threw her up in the air, and I was getting off the tractor at the time and I ran and got between her and the wildebeest,” Brown said. “It happened because she got out of her car and I guess for that matter, it could have happened to the mother and child? Oh yes, yes.”

She spent a week in the hospital and apparently has some souvenir black eyes from the encounter.

It is important to remember, whenever dealing with wild animals, that “cute does not equal tame.” They are wild animals whose ancestors survived for thousands of years against predators who have far scarier teeth and claws than we do. They may decide that “shoo” actually means “bounce this person up in to the air repeatedly just in case she actually is a threat to me.” Because wild.

Hiding a gun in her weave

I had no idea that long hair was so versatile.

A woman arrested during a raid on a downtown Raleigh nightclub faces additional charges after authorities at the Wake County Detention Center found a gun in her hair weave after her arrest.

And who carries a gun in her weave?


Yet the gun haters want to blame people like you and me for “gun violence.”

Shining lasers at helicopters

Who does this?

A federal grand jury in Raleigh indicted a Brunswick County man Wednesday on a charge that he intentionally aimed a laser pointer at a helicopter in flight.

Blinding pilots while they’re flying an aircraft is just stupid


He seems to have a problem following the law.

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Stealing checks from a trucking company

I’m not sure this was a well thought out crime.

A Raleigh man remained in jail on $75,000 bail on Wednesday following his arrest on charges of forging and cashing $14,500 worth of checks stolen from a small Wake County trucking company.

How did he think he was going to get away with it?


I guess that 8 months he spent in prison didn’t teach him anything.

Woman stands her ground against domestic violence

Here’s your feel good story of the day.

Johnston County prosecutors have dismissed a second-degree murder charge against a woman charged in the stabbing death of her boyfriend.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Jackson said Tuesday that evidence showed Crystal Turner, 27, of Princeton, acted in self-defense when she stabbed (“Victim”*) in the neck early Sunday morning.

“In this case, the state has an affirmative duty to disprove any claim of self-defense, and the evidence in this case strongly supports Crystal Turner’s claim that she was defending herself,” Jackson said in a statement.

Investigators found that the couple had been drinking and that (“Victim”) hit Turner multiple times in the face with a closed fist during an argument.

The argument moved outside the home, Jackson said, where (“Victim”) threw a grill with hot coals at Turner, burning her.

This is a hard one to write about as there’s no shorthand for “Dude who got what he deserved, so I’m going to have to refer to him as “Victim” with the deliberate scare quotes.


The woman who defended herself does not appear to have any sort of criminal record in North Carolina, while the “Victim” has quite a few charges. The story says that the “Victim” was recently convicted of assaulting the woman, though that’s not included in the database.

This looks like a classic case of Stand Your Ground. I wonder if the SYG hating media will try to attack her? Where are the usual race mongering agitators? They might not like it, but this is why we worked so hard to pass the enhanced Castle law in NC which includes the “no duty to retreat” law.

Why does he live in a homeless shelter?

Aren’t we supposed to feel charitable towards the homeless?

Police have charged a man who lives at a Wake County homeless shelter with 21 counts of breaking into or entering cars and 18 counts of misdemeanor larceny during one night in August.

What sad path led him to living in a homeless shelter?


Maybe no one else wants him to live with them.