Robbing the VA

At least it wasn’t actual VA employees this time.

A Cherryville woman has been charged with defrauding the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs of more than $22,000.

Police say (Suspect) is the former caretaker of a VA beneficiary.

From May 2012 to December 2013, officials say (Suspect) continued to collect and withdraw benefit deposits with a fraudulently obtained debit card after the beneficiary had died.

And who would do something like this?


Someone who already doesn’t want to follow the law.

More “Felon Seeking Bullets”

A shooting? In Durham?

A shootout in Durham left at least one man wounded and damaged five vehicles and three occupied businesses.

Say it isn’t so!


Do people pay extra for bullets that only hit criminals?

Second Amendment Foundation sues to overturn citizenship requirement for NC Concealed Handgun Permits

It’s about damn time.

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in federal district court in North Carolina on behalf of an Australian citizen who legally resides in the state, but cannot obtain a concealed carry permit under a state law that only allows citizens to get such permits.

I’ve been nagging the NCGA to get this changed for a while now. GRNC tried to get it worked into a bill, but the Reps and Senators don’t want to do much for gun rights this session. Now they’re going to be forced to change it.

For those who have never seen this before, the lawsuit is a slam dunk. It is unconstitutional to deny ordinary rights to non-citizens based solely on the fact that they are not citizens. You can’t tell them they can’t freely speak. You can’t tell them they can’t peaceably assemble. And you can’t tell them they can’t have a concealed handgun permit.

NCGA, you brought this on yourself. You could have changed the law, but you didn’t. Now enjoy your lawsuit.

Beating the baby

How hard do you have to beat a 10 month old to break multiple bones?

Winston-Salem police have charged the parents of a 10-month-old with child abuse after a hospital examination showed the child had suffered multiple bone fractures and bruising.

The suspected abuse was reported last October, but they are only now wrapping up their investigation.

Suspect 1

People say that victims generally know their attacker. What they don’t tell you is that even felons have friends and family.

He isn’t going to learn

Here’s another poster boy for Recidivists Anonymous

(Suspect), 20, faces charges of extortion, felony larceny and conspiracy in a May 18 theft of cash from a Walmart store after, police charged, he threatened to kill a clerk if she did not leave her cash register open for (Suspect) and an accomplice.

He was already on parole, so they’ve tossed him back in prison


Maybe they could leave him there.

Three from Garner rob drug store

They must be such good friends to do things like this together.

Police this week charged three men from Garner in a Jan. 14 holdup at a Walgreens drug store, adding that incident to a list of armed robbery and other charges against the three.

Their moms must be so proud.

Suspect 1

Suspect 2

Suspect 3

But it’s you and me that the gun haters want to persecute.

Way to live down to the stereotypes

Funny story from yesterday’s news.

Police say a couple who appeared on the reality TV series “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” face charges after a real-life wedding in which the rings disappeared.

High Point police say 24-year-old (Suspect 1) and 22-year-old (Suspect 2) of Princeton, West Virginia, were arrested this week and charged with felony larceny. (Suspect 2) was maid of honor at a wedding where, according to a police report, the bride realized her purse with the wedding rings and $1,000 was missing.

Cops caught them with the purse, the rings, and the money.

So we have gypsies, stealing things. Way to live down to the stereotypes, guys.

Just two good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm

Luckily there were no guns involved. Someone might have gotten hurt.

(Victim) and the suspect, also known as Little Johnny, started fighting after the suspect entered (Victim)’s home at 432 20th St. SW Sunday evening, neighbor (Witness) said. (Witness) said he was inside (Victim)’s home when the suspect took an oxygen tube out of (Victim)s wife’s nose, started kissing her and rubbed her breasts.

I think I would be pretty upset if someone did this to my wife.

(Victim) grabbed the suspect by the shirt and told him to stop touching his wife, (Witness) said. (Witness) remembered the suspect telling (Victim), “Don’t put your hands on me, man. That’s the worst thing you can do,” before the suspect left (Victim)’s house.

Well, he left. Problem solved, right?

(Witness) said the suspect and (Victim) were drinking alcohol.

Color me surprised. Did anyone else see this coming?

The suspect returned to the (Victim) residence a few minutes later, took off (Victim)’s wife’s oxygen tube again and resumed kissing her and stroking her chest, (Witness) said.

This would upset me a great deal.

A fight between (Victim) and the suspect ensued.

Not surprising.

The story goes on to tell how the victim eventually got stabbed during the ensuing fight, with people getting thrown out of windows and everything.

The story makes it sound like just two regular guys who got a little wild after a couple of beers and someone ended up dead. What sort of people act like this?



The gun haters are always telling us that people are more commonly killed by people they know. Well felons have friends too.

I wonder why he wasn’t home in bed

I’m generally in bed at 3:15AM, but not this guy.

A Lillington man was found shot multiple times in a Raleigh parking lot early Sunday and later died at a local hospital.

And what sort of person is so far from his bed at that time of the morning?


No doubt he was just minding his own business while turning his life around.

Why is this controversial?

There’s a Colorado Persecutor, err, Prosecutor, who is trying to make political hay out of what seems to be a fairly straightforward self-defense shooting.

 A Colorado prosecutor said he’s frustrated that the state’s “Make My Day” law prevents him from charging a man who killed an acquaintance during a drunken brawl that spilled into his home, becoming the latest test to self-defense gun laws nationwide.

So, the facts so far. Shooting happened INSIDE the home. Please note that the “Make My Day” pejorative is generally applied to “No Duty To Retreat” laws, which by definition do not occur inside homes. One is almost never obliged to retreat inside a home.

After a night of drinking at a party in the western Colorado city of Grand Junction, Cook and another man went to fight Hoskins outside his house. The fight moved inside and to Hoskins’ bedroom, where the homeowner said Cook tried to snatch away his shotgun. Hoskins tackled Cook and shot him, according to Hoskins’ account of the night, which was relayed to investigators through an attorney.

Even accounting for the info coming from an attorney, the Prosecutor does not refute that the fight started outside and proceeded inside.

Umm, guess what? That’s a legal shoot. Even assuming that this is true,

Cook’s brother, Stacey Cook, said aspects of the investigation remain undone. Prosecutors should have looked more closely at video evidence showing Cook walking away from the brawl and Hoskins following and taunting him before they fought, he said.

once the “victim” in this case entered the house with intent to harm someone inside, it’s a whole different game.

Here’s a basic rule to keep in mind. Even when you are drunk, don’t get into fights. Even if the guy is taunting you, don’t get into fights. And most especially, never pursue a person into their own house. Because when he shoots you to death, he’s right and your not only wrong, you’re dead.

After a six-month investigation, Hautzinger decided last week not to file charges

Here’s a clue. If the Prosecutor can’t find grounds to bring charges after 6 months, even with “video evidence”, then there’s no grounds to find.

In a country where any decent prosecutor can get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich, what the prosecutor is saying with this outburst is that he’s pissed off that he can’t use the apparatus of the state to abuse someone who hasn’t actually broken any laws.

HT: My friend, Mike, via Facebook