That was a poor choice

It’s generally not a good idea to point a gun at police. Especially after you’ve already shot at them earlier in the day.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police shot and killed a man late Wednesday night who they say shot at officers earlier this week in west Charlotte.

So, was it some crazed Concealed Handgun Permit holder?


Or was it another career criminal who should have been in prison for his last crime but was given a suspended sentence and probation instead.

Independence Day bike riding

I spent my July 4th Independence Day holiday riding my bicycle. Not just any little spin around the neighborhood. I rode the Firecracker 100K bike ride out of Cary, NC with the Capital Bicycle Club.


Almost 65 miles of pedaling.

I’m fortunate that my father-in-law likes to ride, and went with me. It was pretty nice to spend the day riding with him. We completed the entire route in 5 hours 36 minutes and 35 seconds for an overall average speed of 11.1 MPH, including three official rest stops plus one extra rest stop. The big drops in the speed line show you where we rested. Our on-the-road time was 4 hours 55 minutes 1 second for an overall riding speed of 13.1 MPH. Not bad for my first organized bike ride in about 8 or 9 years. Also, pretty impressive on my Father-in-Law’s part given he was riding a mountain bike with dirt tires.

Best part of the ride? My really awesome ninja shower

Bike Shower

I hauled up the shower bag, stripped to my shorts, and showered off right there in the grass next to the truck. 5 plus hours in the sun and the water was nice and warm.

Then, on Saturday, I got a phone call telling me that they had drawn my raffle number and I’d won a $100 bicycle pump. SWEET! My previous pump died about 3 weeks ago, so it was just what I needed.

I’m looking forward to my next organized bike ride which will be  the Tour d’Orange. I’ll be riding the 68 mile loop. If you’re local and you can ride at least 36 miles, you should sign up and we’ll ride together. They have 36, 68, 80,  and 100 mile routes, all of which share the same first 36 mile loop. FiL is planning on getting some road tires, so we should be a bit faster this time.

And yes, I was carrying concealed.

It’s tough being a “youth”

It’s hard out there for “youths.” You face puberty, a lack of social freedoms, and occasionally you get shot in the back.

A 17-year-old Garner youth was shot in the back outside a house late Tuesday, but his injury was not believed to be life-threatening, police said.

What sort of 17 year old was out on a Tuesday evening at 11:30 PM in a city he didn’t live in?


Undoubtedly he was “minding his own business.”

Didn’t take long to catch him

The time from crime…

Police report that a man robbed the SunTrust Bank branch at 1516 N. Gregson St. on Friday afternoon.

To arrest was only a few hours.


Sounds like the cops were pretty familiar with him.

Robbing the cabbie

There’s something worse about this than merely being a robber.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police have arrested two people in connection with the armed robbery of a cab driver early Tuesday morning.

Robbing cab drivers, pizza delivery people, real estate agents, and others who you call to remote locations seems worse to me than robbing random people on the street. There’s an element of luring them into an ambush that really bothers me.

Suspect 2

No surprise that the shooter is a felon.

Robbing the VA

At least it wasn’t actual VA employees this time.

A Cherryville woman has been charged with defrauding the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs of more than $22,000.

Police say (Suspect) is the former caretaker of a VA beneficiary.

From May 2012 to December 2013, officials say (Suspect) continued to collect and withdraw benefit deposits with a fraudulently obtained debit card after the beneficiary had died.

And who would do something like this?


Someone who already doesn’t want to follow the law.

More “Felon Seeking Bullets”

A shooting? In Durham?

A shootout in Durham left at least one man wounded and damaged five vehicles and three occupied businesses.

Say it isn’t so!


Do people pay extra for bullets that only hit criminals?

Second Amendment Foundation sues to overturn citizenship requirement for NC Concealed Handgun Permits

It’s about damn time.

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in federal district court in North Carolina on behalf of an Australian citizen who legally resides in the state, but cannot obtain a concealed carry permit under a state law that only allows citizens to get such permits.

I’ve been nagging the NCGA to get this changed for a while now. GRNC tried to get it worked into a bill, but the Reps and Senators don’t want to do much for gun rights this session. Now they’re going to be forced to change it.

For those who have never seen this before, the lawsuit is a slam dunk. It is unconstitutional to deny ordinary rights to non-citizens based solely on the fact that they are not citizens. You can’t tell them they can’t freely speak. You can’t tell them they can’t peaceably assemble. And you can’t tell them they can’t have a concealed handgun permit.

NCGA, you brought this on yourself. You could have changed the law, but you didn’t. Now enjoy your lawsuit.

Beating the baby

How hard do you have to beat a 10 month old to break multiple bones?

Winston-Salem police have charged the parents of a 10-month-old with child abuse after a hospital examination showed the child had suffered multiple bone fractures and bruising.

The suspected abuse was reported last October, but they are only now wrapping up their investigation.

Suspect 1

People say that victims generally know their attacker. What they don’t tell you is that even felons have friends and family.

He isn’t going to learn

Here’s another poster boy for Recidivists Anonymous

(Suspect), 20, faces charges of extortion, felony larceny and conspiracy in a May 18 theft of cash from a Walmart store after, police charged, he threatened to kill a clerk if she did not leave her cash register open for (Suspect) and an accomplice.

He was already on parole, so they’ve tossed him back in prison


Maybe they could leave him there.