Cowards and the brave that they hate.

Miles Vorkosigan,
Borders of Infinity,
Lois McMaster Bujold

Why do people hate the idea of armed self defense? Cowardice. Rank refusal to face facts. There are bad people out there, and your belief in them is irrelevant to the fact that given half a chance they will steal from you and murder you. Many people try to pretend that all is roses, and it will never happen to them. They may be right. It’s great to be lucky, but when your number comes up in the great anti-lottery, your happy thoughts will not stop a killer. Magical thinking it’s called. We have all done some of it. We wear that “lucky” shirt, or keep a horseshoe over the door. But how many people refuse to have some condoms because if they did that, then they would have to acknowledge that “they were looking for it.” They imagine that if they just get drunk and “something happens,” then they aren’t responsible for it. I guess they’d rather a disease or a child rather than have to change their self-image. If that’s your problem, you’d better adjust your self image before someone adjusts it for you. Take a good look at reality and decide how you need to change your self image to meet it. Face your fears and become one of the hated brave people. When they call you paranoid, remember that they are just projecting their own feelings on you. They are the ones that cannot handle their fears. They are the cowards.

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