Voting never killed anyone.

Update 10-11-10 – Corrected a typo, succeed ≠ secede. Ht: Link P

Ever wonder what to say to a gun grabber who tries to tell you that the 2nd Amendment is “different than other rights? On the blog of my favorite hoplophobe in the comments of “Let’s talk about background checks,” commenter Anthony pointed out to japete

Japete’s reply

I’ve always hated that sort of stupidity. Here’s what I replied, feel free to steal the idea to use on the next anti-rights bigot that tries to tell you that the right to keep and bear arms is a second class right.

Your vote is the single most dangerous thing you have. With enough votes nearly anything can become government policy. History is littered with examples of multitudes who have died because a vote went one way rather than another. Anything the government does, it does in your name. you can’t pretend that since you didn’t do it personally that you are not responsible for it. This type of sloppy thinking is typical of the sort of person who would never kill to save her own life but would call the police and demand that the arriving cop be willing to kill in order to save her life.

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