Why ignorant people should never make law

Your average gun grabber is ignorant about the subject of firearms. Don’t believe me? Last night I set a trap for my favorite gun grabber and she walked right into it. I described my guns the way Paul Helmke would have and this morning got the chance to watch her pee herself. Let’s go to the tape.
Joan would have you believe that since she doesn’t want to bann ALL guns, she isn’t really a gun banner. She just wants to ban some guns. Just the ones that YOU want. I think you might get to keep your single shot .22. A sample

So I thought, let’s see what she really believes. Here’s my comment
            You don’t want to ban guns.

The experienced gunnies here will see where I was going with this. Here’s her response.
There we have it. Nearly every trope. All she has to do is say something about “the shoulder thing that goes up,” and it’s all complete!

Of course you have trouble, this is because of your lack of understanding.

my “Bolt action rifle capable of penetrating a police officer’s vest at 400 yards” is a Remington model 700 BDL chambered in .243 Winchester.

The Remington Model 700 is probably the most common bolt action rifle sold, and the .243 Winchester bullet is the absolute minimum size useable for deer hunting in most states. Topped with a Burris 3×9 scope it is used mostly to shoot woodchucks in my father’s back yard. What would you say when your learned that most rifles are much more powerful?

My “plastic framed pistol” is a common Springfield XD in .45ACP. 

If you were even slightly aware of how firearms are constructed, you would know that the chances of it making it through a metal detector are nil. Same as every other polymer framed gun.
As for carrying a “loaded, hidden, deadly weapon,” I consciously copied the wording that Paul Helmke uses when he whines that there are concealed carriers (like me) out there. Of course I admit to it. It’s perfectly legal.

This is why you cannot be taken seriously. When you cannot understand the basics of common firearms. Rifles, almost without exception, will shoot right through a police officer’s vest because police vests are designed to stop pistol rounds. Probably half of all pistols sold now are polymer framed. The slide and the barrel are metal, and they are easily seen on X-ray and metal detectors. And loaded, hidden, deadly weapons is your organization’s scare phrase to describe lawful concealed carry.

Yes. you want to ban (most) guns and (nearly all) carry.
And that is why the ignorant should not be in charge of policy. Policy should be based on facts and evidence, not feelings.

2 responses to “Why ignorant people should never make law

  1. The right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to a democratic society. Political power comes from the soap box, the jury box, the ballot box, and the ammo box.

  2. This is just too good. I had to pass it on. She seems not to be the least bit bothered by her ignorance. Scary !!