Peterson Syndrome

In the comments of my last post, big dog of the Gunblogosphere and proprietor of the famous Boomershot (auto-start audio warning!) Joe Huffman reiterated his common refrain that some people lack the ability to determine true from false.

In simple terms, most people can tell the difference between truth a not truth. Normal people can evaluate evidence, weigh facts, and come to a conclusion about whether or not a given hypothesis about reality ACTUALLY REFLECTS YOU KNOW, ACTUAL REALITY!!!
I can tell you that fire burns or rocks are hard. You can disagree if you like. I can light a fire under your backside and hit you over the head with a rock. What I can’t ever make you do is accept that fire burns and rocks are hard. You have to evaluate the evidence you are given (hopefully not so dramatically in your normal life) and decide if fire, in fact, burns and rocks are, in truth, hard.

Some people are so wedded to the monologue inside their own heads that no matter how many times their butt burns or their head aches, nothing gets through. It’s a mental defect. Joe further proposes

To the best of my knowledge we don’t have a word or phrase for her type of mental defect. Perhaps Peterson Syndrome could be used…

So there you have it. She suffers from Peterson Syndrome. Now you know the symptoms, go forth and diagnose!

Update: This is what Peterson Syndrome looks like

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