Japete hits bottom, digs

Japete, who lacks the ability to tell truth from falsity, has hit a new low. Not satisfied with scraping the bottom of her mental barrel, she has decided to pick the barrel up and start digging in the moldy ground below.

And insulting people who have suffered the loss of a loved one to a gun is inexcusable. Representative Carolyn McCarthy lost her husband to a mass murderer with a gun on a Long Island commuter train. Her son was seriously injured. Six people were killed that day. Senseless. I have been regularly insulted, though the people doing so take issue with my comments calling them out for insults.
Let’s hope the gun guys responding here don’t decide to act on their dangerous views and hatred. Some of these folks appear ready to fight against their own government. Isn’t that called treason? I’m just saying… Is this common sense?

You have to read the whole rant, and her initial comments to get a real feel for the impending mental breakdown. She’s off her beam. Well, assuming she had a beam to start with. She actually said in comments that she thought that Rep. McCarthy (she of “the shoulder thing that goes up” fame) should be immune to criticism because her husband got murdered. This is whole new ground. Imagine what sort of world we would have if as soon as you suffered any tragedy at all, you could never be criticized again! Wrong is wrong, no matter how many dead bodies you stack between yourself and reality. I left her a comment, though I sincerely doubt she will post it. I think this marks the end of her comments policy. To be fair, I’m amazed we haven’t already gotten to the last phase of Reasoned Discourse ™ – closing comments.



(japete) “In other words, it’s perfectly O.K. for people to belong to anti-government armed militia groups because of this act.”

Are you reading a different comment thread than me or are you just that dense? The Militia is ALL able bodied men age 17-45. Period, point blank, end of story. You can argue about it all you want but you are wrong. Your feelings about it are irrelevant. You are entitled to have your own opinion, you aren’t entitled to your own facts. It’s not the fact that you are lying when you falsely equate the Militia with a bunch of criminal crazies like McVey, it’s the fact that you think we are so stupid that we don’t know any better that is so insulting.

(anon)”but that does not immunize her from criticism.”

(japete)”Yes. It does”

Umm no, it does not. And this is the crux of your problem with us. You imagine that since you have the misfortune to be related to a person who got murdered that we will pretend that you are not totally illogical and completely ignorant. The same can be said about the Rep. McCarthy. She has absolutely no idea what she is talking about as is increasingly clear that you have no idea what you are talking about. Judging by your photo, you are not 12 years old. Stop thinking and acting like a 12 year old. You will not be permitted to legislate, nor will we permit others to legislate, based on your strong “feelings.” And stop whining about the insults. You are acting like a child. You are whining like a child does when the parent refuses to give that child a cookie.

“Ban these guns ‘cause my sister got shot!!!”
“But my sister is DEAD!”
Your proposals don’t work
“But my SISTER IS DEAD!!!”
How does that change the fact that your proposals are illogical and counterproductive?

Firearms legislation should no more be based on your (or Rep. McCarthy’s) legendary ignorance than should surgical procedures be based on my utter lack of medical knowledge.

1.       Learn what you are talking about
2.       Learn the difference between truth and falsity
3.       Then and only then should you attempt to show how your proposed actions will have the positive effect you imagine that they will have.

You have reached the end of your run. Now you know why Anti-gun bloggers (except Laci and self-admitted criminal and narcissist MikeB) don’t have comments. You are almost totally alone. No one will pitch in on your comments (besides MikeB and Laci) and you are getting slammed so hard, so fast that you can’t keep up. You misrepresent, lie, and just plain misunderstand almost every comment left at your site. Do yourself a huge favor and close your comments entirely before you embarrass yourself any further. We will just slam you on our own sites and leave you to enjoy your paranoia in peace. You live in a nasty fantasy world where every gun is pointed at you, where the only people that aren’t crazy are you and your anti-gun co-religionists, and where the death of your sister 18 years ago justifies your extreme bigotry. Stop pretending to be the victim.

Get yourself some mental help quickly. They have pretty good medications nowadays that can really help you with that paranoia. Get medicated, get counseling, and get better. And stop letting the Brady Campaign use you. They don’t have your health or safety in mind when they throw you to the wolves like this. They are using you and they will discard you the moment you are no longer useful to them. They care about you exactly as much as the Democrat party cared about Cindy Sheehan the day after Obama got elected, which is to say – not at all.

You can post this comment or not. I don’t care if anyone else sees it here. They can read it on my blog if they want.

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