Quote of the Day – Why do you need all those guns

From the comments thread of Same Planet, Different World over at Say Uncle,

 “Why do I need this gun, those guns, or all these guns and gun-things? Well, I’ll tell ya.
Like any machine, firearms can malfunction or break. So, if you have one, you probably could stand to have another as a back-up.
Now, each of these firearms works best in a certain performance envelope. Your handguns are ideal for short-range, no-notice situations. Your rifles, depending on how they’re configured, are good for middle, long, and very long range situations. Your shotguns, depending on the load, are good for a variety of short to middle-range situations.
You may want some extra to lend to friends and family.
And you need this variety, you see, because you never know when and where some idjit is going to pop up and declare himself your lord and master with the authority to determine for you what you need and don’t need.”

(This works best if the last line is delivered in an ominous tone while looking the questioner in the eye. )

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