Anatomy of a Tertiary Instalanche on a 3rd tier Gunblog

Today I was treated to an example of what getting linked by Instapundit’s Glen Reynolds is like. This blog has been open for business for about 2 weeks. At best you, the generous reader, could class me as a third tier gunblogger. I’ve been linked a few times, leading to a few spikes. Today at 8:13 am, Instapundit posted

This links to

at which refers to

at Joe Huffman’s “View from North Central Idaho.” which links to my post (really, a comment on my post)

here’s the result in graphical form

In order to get to my post and affect my sitemeter, you have to be reading Instapundit and click 3 links in a very specific order. And in the last 24 hours a total of 1,457 people have landed on that post, the VAST majority between 8:13 am and now. Of that 1,272 came through that three link route.

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