90 Days for a handgun permit?

Many of you have heard about the horrific murder that took place in a well to do area of Connecticut, commonly called the “Cheshire Murders.” This is the one where the police spend so much time setting up to enter the house that the murders had time to rape and kill their victims and then set the house on fire before fleeing straight into the arms of the waiting police.

We often like to say that the police are generally on hand to lay out the tape lines and fill out the reports. They will certainly do what they have to do to solve your crime, but they are rarely capable of stopping the crime in progress. It seems that the people of Connecticut have received and understood that message and are taking steps to defend themselves.

In reading that story something jumped out at me. The residents of Connecticut are buying “’defense-grade shotguns’ because of the relatively short waiting period to buy them — two weeks as opposed to ninety days for a handgun permit”

What the hell is going on in Connecticut that the State government has the audacity to demand that a citizen wait 90 days to purchase a firearm? How bad does it have to be when a 2 week wait seems like a short period of time compared to what it could be?
Starting from zero in Pennsylvania in the middle of the Obama gun rush, it took me 2 weeks to get the gun shipped in. The sale was immediate, but the License To Carry Firearms (PA’s name for a concealed license) took 5 weeks to arrive in the mail. Even here in North Carolina the Sheriff has 90 days to complete the processing of your Concealed Handgun Permit.

They say that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged. All of Connecticut got mugged with the Cheshire Murders. One hopes that they take the time to learn from their past mistakes and reform their draconian gun ownership laws.

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