Hunter’s Safety Class

I took a NC Hunter’s Safety class yesterday.

In order to get a hunting license you have to sit through a class that explains how to avoid hurting yourself and others while you hunt. For a real city boy like me, it’s a necessary class. What was a revelation about the class was the guys they have as Game Wardens here in Wake County. Good ol’ boys would be the best description. The elder of the two has been a game warden for 18 years. I sort of expected that a game warden might be at least neutral about new hunters. This guy was an evangelist for the sport of hunting. I got the impression that he was disappointed that he couldn’t take each and every one of us out the the woods personally so that we could bag our first deer. I wish he could as well.

The next step is to talk with a friend of ours about going out on his property and taking a deer or two that he wants rid of. Luckily, Franklin County doesn’t have a law requiring rifle hunters to be elevated off the ground in a deer stand like they do here in Wake County. I’ll be getting my rifle back from my father sometime fairly soon, and taking the trip up to my friend’s farm. Wish me luck. I am solemnly informed that venison is tasty. Hopefully I will get to find out.

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