Background Checks, The Silver bullet?

NICS checks keep felons from buying guns, right? Not so much. The japetes of the world are wild about background checks even though they know that nothing prevents felons from buying guns on the street. I guess they don’t stop felons from buying them from regular gun stores either. This guy wanders into a local gun store way back in May, lies on the Form 4473 saying he’s not a felon, and gets told by the FBI that he’s “Delayed.” By law, the FBI gets 72 hours to figure out the problem or the sale proceeds normally. After 2 days, the gun store got a call from the FBI, all clear, go ahead and sell. Just a few days ago, the cops during a visit to his apartment after they figure out that he’s actually a felon and shouldn’t have gotten the guns in the first place, and shoot the guy dead. Go ahead and watch the video at the link.

I have a couple of questions.

1.           WTF? How did this happen? Isn’t the NICS system supposed to prevent this?
2.           If NICS check data is supposed to be purged after a short period of time, how did the FBI figure things out here in November? Are they keeping a gun registry even though it is against the law?
3.           Did they knock politely and ask him to come quietly, and he decided he wasn’t going to be taken alive? Or did they kick his door in and scare him into trying to defend himself against a group of armed intruders?

The guy was a 73 year old car thief who served 7 years for a theft way back in 1970. Last I checked, Felon in Possession and Lying on the 4473 weren’t punishable by summary execution. Maybe we should consider that No-knock raids are out of hand. Maybe we should also consider that lifetime bans on firearm ownership for non-violent crimes might be a bit extreme.

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