Laws of North Carolina that need to change, Part 12 – No guns in State Parks (UPDATE 12-01-11 REPEALED!)


UPDATE: 12-01-11 Repealed!
HB650 repeals this part of NC Law. Rejoice! Now you are not required to be an easy target just because you want to take your children to a State Park.

In North Carolina, parks and recreation areas are considered victim disarmament zones.

(a)  No person except authorized park employees, their agents, or contractors, or officers of the state shall carry or possess firearms, airguns, bows and arrows, sling shots, or lethal missiles of any kind within any park.

I guess you get to choose. Do you like nature? Or your life? Unless you are hunting, leave your gun at home. I guess North Carolina thinks shooting a deer is fine but shooting a rapist and murderer is not allowed. Here’s a helpful list of places you should avoid with your lawfully carried firearm.

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