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Brian Anse Patrick – One man quote generator, Part 3

Groups formed specifically to promote concealed carry remain as formidable, although sometimes latent, political powers in many states even after the passage of such acts, while antigun groups, although often generously funded under private foundation program initiatives, resemble the skeleton crews left on an abandoned ship – a “director” and a sole office assistant to respond to media queries, with a remote and largely silent “membership” that exists more as an abstract statistical aggregation than a living body.
Brian Anse Patrick

Bryan Miller, call your office. Assuming you still have a phone there.

Officer John Taylor update update

I just got word that Officer John Taylor, who was shot by a fugitive, was released from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day and is home with his family.

Brian Anse Patrick – One man quote generator, Part 2

While most people with anti-gun opinions are not positively acting on their beliefs and merely refrain from having guns, a much more considerable proportion of gun owners routinely undertake associational action, although even the majority of gun owners remain socially inert by being nonaligned with formal associations

Most gun homicides are committed by people that are prohibited from owning guns

I guess that Connecticut Against Gun Violence didn’t get the memo from japete that most murders are between people that know each other, and are committed by people with no prior record.

Go here, and watch the second video.

ht, No Lawyers, only Guns and Money

Brian Anse Patrick – One man quote generator, Part 1

Concealed Carry is a reality not only because its adherents communicate more effectively, but also because mass-mediated news organizations have been superseded in their once largely unchallenged role as the legitimizing interpretive experts of this mass democratic society.

Translated – No one thinks that the mainstream media is telling the truth.

One Line Review – Guns, Democracy, and the Insurrectionist Idea

Having labored mightily to build their straw man, authors Horowitz and Anderson try to light it, and it smolders, a bit.

I read this book on the recommendation of St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner, Kurt Hofmann. I even did as he suggested and borrowed it through Inter-library loan so I didn’t give any of my hard earned cash to these two gun-grabbers.

Co-author, Joshua Horowitz, is the Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, which started life as the National Council to Ban Handguns. Did they change their name because they suddenly decided that banning handguns was not a good idea?

In that year [1989], the National Coalition to Ban Handguns changed its name to Coalition to Stop Gun Violence to reflect its view that assault rifles, as well as handguns, should be outlawed.

 Their basic thesis? Gun rights are a threat to progressivism. They call the idea that citizens have the right to alter or abolish their government “Insurrectionism.”

Recognize Insurrectionism as a threat to the entire progressive movement.  Too many political progressives assume that the gun rights movement can be co-opted or simply ignored.  Progressives fail to understand that the Insurrectionist idea is part and parcel of a broader reactionary worldview.  Unless progressives recognize that the Insurrectionist premise of the modern gun rights movement is fundamentally hostile to the progressive project and its values, the “conservative” movement will use gun rights as a building block for organizing and propagandizing.

In their haste to sell this country out to international progressives, they’ve tripped over us, and they don’t like it. We’ve told them that if they try to set up their little dictatorship, we’ll shoot them. They want their little dictatorship but don’t want to get shot. So naturally, instead of giving up on ruling us against our will, they want to take our guns away.

Rather than try to summarize the foolishness that is this book, I’ll let Kurt do it. Read the whole thing. Then borrow the book from your local library and read that.

The true cost of concealed carry

In a previous installment I showed you a story from Texas which showed how concealed carry licenses were more common in whiter, richer areas in Houston than they were in poorer and less white areas. This is a common story. When you make a right contingent on having money, only the relatively well off will exercise that right. Poor people don’t have the money to fly to Paris, their right to do so is irrelevant.

It is a well established principle that the government is bound to accept your right of free speech, but the government is not required to pay you so that you can do it. You can print whatever newspaper you like, but We The People are not required to give you money to buy paper and ink. The same thing goes for the Second Amendment. If you want to keep and bear arms, go buy the gun yourself. The US Treasury isn’t going to cut you a check to cover your new Glock. The issue comes when the Government requires you to pay a fee in order to exercise your rights. If the Government required you to have a permit, even if it cost one dollar, in order to run a newspaper, the ACLU would go ballistic. Why then is it legal to require a person to pay the government for a permission slip to buy and carry a gun.

What is the true cost of concealed carry? I thought I would add up the costs to see. Remember the guy a few days ago who said “I don’t have strong feelings about concealed/open carry, one way or the other. As long as those doing the carrying have passed a solid background check, took a good course & keep their hand in with their chosen weapon”? Let’s take that as our model and see.

 Here’s how it breaks down.

1.       Gun. Pretty self explanatory Average cost for a standard Glock, the most common gun around is about $500
2.       Permit to buy. In NC, you have to go to the Sheriff during normal business hours, and pay $5
3.       Concealed Carry Class. $60-120 depending where you go.
4.       Range membership. Gotta “keep your hand in.” If you practice 2 times a month it makes sense to pay the membership and get free range time. $225 per year
5.       Ammo. 50 rounds, $12, x 2 per month or 24 a year, $288
6.       Holster. You can go cheap and get a nice Kydex IWB for $35 all the way to a Mitch Rosen ARG for $150. (people who love me could buy me that one, hint hint)
7.       Magazine carrier. $25 for Kydex, up to $95 for the matching Mitch Rosen (Hint Hint)
8.       A solid training class. Let’s assume that Brent will accept a one day, 8 hour class. The class I took (not because I had to, but because I wanted to) was $210, plus you had to bring 500 rounds of ammo. For $340, they’ll sell you the ammo and let you use one of their guns. A great idea if you haven’t already bought a gun and want to learn right straight from the start. I totally recommend these guys. Note I said recommend, not legally mandate.
9.       NC Concealed Handgun Permit $80, plus a trip to the Sheriff again during normal business hours
10.   Fingerprints. Like a common criminal. Plus they make you pay for it. $10
11.   Belt. A good gun in a decent holster on a crappy belt is a recipe for a bad time. Buy a decent belt,  $80. I personally have this  1 ¾” in Horsehide, $120

If we add that up it comes to between $1648 and $1933.

You could cut some corners by buying ammo in bulk. You could go to the store and buy the gun, belt, mag carrier, holster, and a box of ammo for $652. Everything else is state mandated (or Brent mandated) extra. The costs above gun, belt, holster, and mag carrier are a minimum of $1000. You could further economize by buying a cheaper revolver or a used police gun. But you can’t get around the extra costs mandated by the state.

Why do you suppose that these costs exist? It’s to keep the poor people from exercising their rights. In many cases, poor equals non-white. If you can’t ban something, you can at least make it too expensive for the “wrong” people to do it. And that’s the point.

Why Travers should be told NO!

The new Obama appointee to head the ATF is a gun grabber. No one would stand for Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry heading the FDA.

Travers participated in a Chicago TV news video that misrepresented a lot of things about firearms. (RSS feed readers click through to see video)

View more news videos at:

So this guy, a federal agent, hands a machine gun to a reporter and tells her that a murderer just wandered into another State and bought one just like it with a fake ID.

If he’s not voted down, 2012 is going to go even worse for the Dems than they think.

ht The Truth About Guns

Ellmers certified as winner. Blogger claims credit.

According to WRAL, the State Board of Elections has certified Renee Ellmers as the winner in NC District 2. This officially ousts NRA F rated Bob “Who You!” Ethridge. The official vote count was 93,876 Ellmers, 92,393 Ethridge. Libertarian Tom Rose almost played spoiler with 3,505. Total win amount 1,483.

I claim credit here. Not only did I personally vote for her, I made sure that my wife knew about the DC Strangler’s embarrassing YouTube video. Then I made sure to hassle a Republican friend of mine until she voted. She wasn’t planning on voting.

Gunmaker to little people: Drop Dead

Japete finally finds one of those mythical hunters/gun owners that support her gun grabbing agenda. In a comment, hunter and muzzle loading rifle builder Brent Gurtek says
I don’t have strong feelings about concealed/open carry, one way or the other. As long as those doing the carrying have passed a solid background check, took a good course & keep their hand in with their chosen weapon. When it comes to students carrying on campus, at least those under say 22 years of age, perhaps even a bit older, I would approach that with extreme caution.

So for Brent, unless you are 22, you have no rights. You might get to vote and get shipped off to war, but no bearing arms for you. If you are 18, you’re too stupid, hotheaded, and unreliable to exercise your rights.

The rest of us need to shell out the big bucks for a “good course” of training, and a “solid” background check. Then we need to practice regularly, presumably with proof provided to the government, in order to keep our “right” to bear arms. If you are too poor to meet Brent’s high standards, too bad for you.

Also, as Japete mentioned, if a DGU occurred on campus the carry permit holders on the scene & responding authorities would have to be able to easily & quickly identify each other or there could be some tragic “friendly fire” incidents. With some thought, there’s probably a way to satisfy this to some extent.

Not all that tough to do. The person running around shooting the screaming innocents: bad guy. The ones trying to shoot him: good guys. The one that points his gun at the cops when they announce over the bullhorn to surrender: bad guy. The guys who holster, and surrender immediately: good guys. It isn’t all that hard to understand.

I’d really like to see We, The People, put most of our efforts behind keeping dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands. And then if reasonable, intelligent & qualified folks wish to carry a weapon publicly I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it.

Reasonable, Intelligent, Qualified. Or put more simply, People like Us. The good sort. People who wouldn’t get black-balled at the Country Club. None of those red-necky trailer-trash types from the wrong side of the tracks. No negroes, please. It’s amazing how fast those three words turn into racism, classism and snobbery. It also turns out that Brent has a history of gun control fetishism, a curious hobby for a guy who makes guns. But I guess that it makes a certain amount of sense that a guy who makes $2000 plus hand built muzzle loaders for the well heeled has a gripe with me carrying a cheap plastic gun in public. Snob.

Not for long. VPC, Brady, and the usual suspects are trying to ban big bore handguns since they are capable of penetrating police vests. They are also after hunting rifles. They’ll just call them sniper rifles first.