I think getting a deer isn’t going to be all that easy

I spent Sunday afternoon out at a friend’s farm looking at the ground I will be hunting on after Thanksgiving. Hunting season is already open, but my rifle is still at my father’s house. I’ll be picking it up Thanksgiving weekend and bringing it back.

My friend took me all through the woods behind his farm and helped me look for signs of deer, but all I really learned about it was that if I went back into those woods in the early morning dark, I’d get lost. We decided that I would hunt in a field near the farmhouse with woods downrange. It gives me a clear shot at anything that comes by, and it gives me a good backstop and a lot of land downrange to prevent a missed shot from becoming a hazard to anyone else. My friend says that anyone that I could possibly hit would have to be incredibly unlucky to get hit through all the trees and he’d be trespassing. I will endeavor not to miss the deer and make the consideration academic.

Here in NC we can hunt over bait. In fact, the Game Warden recommended that I do for my first few hunts. I’ll buy a bag of corn and put it on the ground in a safe place. Then I will sit quietly and hope that the deer decide to wander by and eat the corn. We’ll see how it goes.

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