Laws of North Carolina that need to change, Part 13 – Redistricting

As you may be aware, the NC General Assembly turned over from Democrats controlling both houses to the Republicans controlling both houses. This means that following the Census the Republican have a chance to Gerrymander the absolute hell out of this state so that they can entrench themselves just as thoroughly as the Democrats have since the end of Reconstruction. I hope that they don’t fall prey to that temptation.

According to Carolina Politics Online, one of the upcoming big wheels in the NCGA, Representative Paul Stam, had been pushing for an independent commission to do redistricting. Now that he’s going to be in the majority, will he be consistent and pass this law?

Look at this ridiculous map! (Click on the map for more horrible detail!)


Can you say Gerrymander? I knew you could. What the heck is up with House District 12? I thought House District 2, where I live, is a mess.

Politicians have proved over time to be better conservators of their re-election hopes than of the fairness of elections. Maybe we should give independent commissions a try. Please contact Representative Stam and urge him to be consistent and push this plan. Consistency on this issue will work to his favor when the Republicans need other things pushed past the Democrat Governor.

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