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So you’re saying that gun shows are not a major source of cop killing guns?

In a terrible blow to the idea of closing the “gun show loophole” the Washington Post in its continuing series on the “Secret Life of Guns” tracked down the source of the guns used to murder 341 of the 511 police officers murdered in the last 10 years.

How many of the guns were purchased illegally at gun shows or through private sales?


WaPo was unable to track the source of 170 guns, but second on the list was 107 guns obtained legally.

Legal purchase was the leading source of weapons used to kill police officers. In 107 slayings, the killers acquired their firearms legally. In 170 deaths, The Post could not determine how the shooters got their guns, including 29 killings in which weapons were not recovered. 
Stolen guns turned up in 77 deaths. Separately, guns obtained or taken from relatives or friends who legally owned them were used in 46 killings. Fifty-one officers were killed when their department-issued firearms or another officer’s gun were turned against them. In 41 instances, guns were illegally obtained on the streets through sale or barter. Sixteen times, someone bought a weapon for a person prohibited from having a gun, an unlawful transaction known as a straw purchase. The straw buyers were federally prosecuted in fewer than half of those cases. Three were illegally purchased at gun shows or from private sellers.

It sounds to me like there are two distinct populations who might kill police officers. First, the general criminal class who get stopped by police officers in traffic, and second, the undiagnosed crazy who are prone to beating their wives and shooting the cops who show up to break up the fight.

The two deadliest situations for police are traffic stops and domestic disputes. Ninety-one of the officers were killed while making traffic stops; 76 were responding to domestic disturbance calls. The officers killed at traffic stops were generally slain by felons wielding illegal guns; the weapons used to kill police in domestic situations were often obtained through legal purchases. Only 13 percent of the weapons in the traffic stops were legal, compared with 47 percent in the domestic calls.

As an aside, the guy who shot Officer Taylor during a traffic stop? Career criminal.

Brady Campaign to stop calling for the closure of the “Gun Show Loophole” in 3…2…1…

Officer John Taylor update

Just got word that Officer John Taylor was taken out of ICU today. It  looks like he’s doing pretty well.

Quote of the Day

“Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”
– Unknown

AceJim has many more where that one came from.

Well Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

To absolutely no one’s shock and amazement, the disgusting piece of trash that shot my friend’s brother, Officer John Taylor, was wanted for parole violations in Pennsylvania.

Thank God that Officer Taylor should make a full recovery.

Once again a police officer is attacked by a criminal who should have been in prison for the crimes he had already been convicted of.  The story goes on to say how they are dealing with the shooter’s female partner.

Stolen car, stolen firearm, fleeing from justice in Pennsylvania. But I guess it’s important to restrict my rights since, well, I’m not sure why.

It looks like they were cornered after a concerned citizen saw her sneaking about in his back yard.

Just give them what they want. I mean, what’s a little torture between friends?

In the country where Great Britain used to be, thugs demanded a man give over his property. Easy answer, right? Just give it to them. The thugs strapped an iron to his back and turned it on. Rather than wake up the sleeping grand-daughter, the man kept his mouth shut as the iron burned through his skin, fat, and muscle for the next 30 minutes. They wanted him to tell the location of their safe. They haven’t got a safe. The thugs took over 200,000 GBP (about $320,000) worth of valuables during the torture session, and they still tortured the guy for more.

The “authorities” say that if confronted by criminals, rather than risk your life, give them whatever they want. What if what they want to do is torture you until you reveal the location of a safe you don’t even have?

I have a better idea. When they demand gold, give them lead instead. 

I’m guessing that they are OK with them voting, though.

Joan Peterson  is a board member with the Brady Campaign. Here’s what her organization had to say today

So Constitutional rights are just for those old enough to drink? You can vote and get shipped off to war against your will, but you can’t have a pistol? Give me a break. You are either an adult or you are not. It’s time we settle once and for all. Are you an adult at 18, with all the duties and privileges of citizenship, or do you have to wait until you are 21?

I see what they did there. Guilty by association plus the “You’re too stupid to have these rights” defense.

Either the Constitution means what it says, or is doesn’t. Since many of us view the Government as legitimate only in so far as it lives up to its responsibilities as outlined in the Constitution, I think they should go with option A, it means what is says.

Update: Brady Campaign, the Emily Littella of Gun Control

I guess they were afraid they might lose

Looks like Wisconsin officials won’t be appealing that ruling that Wisconsin’s concealed weapons law is unconstitutional. Details at No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money.

Attempted murder of a police officer hits close to home

Near Roanoke Rapids, NC someone tried to murder a police officer during a traffic stop yesterday. His sister is a friend of mine. It appears that the person doing the shooting has decided to opt out of the justice system and take his case to a higher jurisdiction. His female partner is in police custody now.

my friend’s brother is having surgery and should make a full recovery.  If you are the praying type, now’s the time for that. If you have some spare change and a local BB&T bank, you can donate to a fund to help pay for hotels and food for his family to be with him at the hospital. From the NC PBA website

The Police Benevolent Foundation set to aid Roanoke Rapids Police Officer John Taylor who was shot yesterday on I-95

(November 18, 2010) — The Police Benevolent Foundation, Inc. and the North Carolina Division of the Southern States PBA are rallying behind Roanoke Rapids Police Officer John Taylor who was shot yesterday after making a routine traffic stop on I-95 around 2:30 PM.
An account has been established under the Police Benevolent Foundation entitled “Officer John Taylor Fund” at any BB&T location so that the public can assist in the efforts to provide financial support to Officer Taylor.  Once the account has been set up, citizens will be able to make donations directly to the account which will in turn be given to Officer Taylor to aid in his recovery.   
The Police Benevolent Foundation is now currently taking donations via text for Officer Taylor. You can help Officer Taylor by texting the phrase COPS TAYLOR to 85944.  A $10 donation will be made to the “Officer John Taylor Fund” through your cell phone bill.  The PBF is asking everyone to please pass this information along to friends and family. Officer Taylor will need all of us to rally behind him in these hard times.
It is with a heavy heart that the PBF and NCPBA ask for the help of the community, both locally and nationally, to aid in its efforts to provide much needed support to this officer in his time of need.  Once more information is made available, the PBF will be issuing an updated release.
If you would like to donate to the Officer John Taylor Fund online please click here

More TSA hate

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting one of our fine state establishments for the correction of wayward youths adults. This place looks like something out of any futuristic lockup movie you’ve ever seen. Lots of thick glass, sliding doors, locks on everything. To get in, I signed in, showed my ID, and walked through a metal detector. When the detector beeped, I got wanded, and went on my way to complete my day job.

Do you realize that the search one gets before entering a maximum security prison (one of the most secure on the east coast) is less invasive than the one you get before you fly?

Every one of them relies on violence, every single day

Your think piece read of the day.

This should be considered the companion piece to Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret) Marko Kloos’s “Why the gun is civilization

Read them both.