Brian Anse Patrick – One man quote generator, Part 4

(Discussing early concealed carry laws and attitudes)

New York Times admits, even in articles championing laws against general concealed carry, that some men might go armed when pursuing their business: “we do not deny the propriety of a man’s arming himself who has to venture at night into dangerous localities.” The Times then qualifies this remark, “ But what business have such people as Daniel McKay, ‘book-keeper at 405 Broadway’ with loaded pistols at 8 o’clock in the morning in front of the City Hall?” (Carrying Deadly Weapons, April 12, 1860) McKay, who injured a seamstress when his pistol dropped and discharged, is dismissed as a low-class “shopman” carrying deadly weapons to his employers’ “counting-house.”The implication is that carrying deadly arms should be left to his social betters.

Brian Anse Patrick

Isn’t this basically every anti-concealed carry argument we’ve ever heard? Who are we to demand a right to carry defensive arms? In the old country, bearing arms was limited to the nobility. Those who object to us carrying arms are basically saying, you aren’t good enough, serf.

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