Brian Anse Patrick – One man quote generator, Part 5

Open carry was an unambiguous right, and never an issue. Even William McAdoo, the publicity –hound New York Chief Magistrate who crusader nationally against handguns, an early master of the sound bite, who claimed he would rather have a cobra snake in his house than a handgun, admits the existence of an individual constitutional right to bear arms, but qualified in regard to the “gun-toting” of concealed handguns: “No one has a constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon like a pistol. Any citizen can go all over the country, including New York State, with a rifle on one shoulder and a shotgun on the other and there is no law to interfere with him.”

Brian Anse Patrick

I guess Mike Bloomberg, the political descendent of this guy, would have some issue with the rifle and shotgun as well as the pistol. Especially if they were painted a non-traditional color.

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