This is what the Brady Campaign thinks of you

Ever wonder what they say to each other at Brady Campaign meetings?

·         Responsible gun owners must give up their rights because of crazy people and lunatics
·         Why doesn’t the “gun lobby” believe us when we lie and call our radical gun grabbing agenda “common sense?”
·         Heller and McDonald eliminated all guns laws
·         Your rights are limited by squeamishness
·         Marriage vows aren’t sacred either
·         Violent crime is a new thing that our forefathers didn’t imagine crime so the Bill of Rights didn’t address it.
·         I’m too stupid to realize that long distance calling plans involve less paperwork than the Form 4473
·         Which gun for Tiger? (the cat, not the golfer)
·         Concealed carriers have daddy issues
·         I’m still not funny

UPDATE: Looks like Brady pulled the video. Can’t have the serfs knowing what our Lords and Masters think of us.

UPDATE UPDATE: it’s posted again. Here’s the new one

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