Revolt of the fat old guys

Patriarchy is the way the United States runs. Well, at least if you listened to your Women’s Studies professor in that mandatory class you took in college. The world is run by men.

To a certain extent, they are correct. One of the few groups of people that is not generally found on the streets protesting things is the older, generally fatter, men. We’ve got jobs and families and responsibilities, so we really have no business overturning the social order. It’s hard enough to keep a job and pay the bills without getting arrested for rioting in the streets. That’s why the mobs are populated mostly with idiot teens dressed in black. They’ve no responsibilities, and are safe in their assumption that dad and mom will feed them after the riots. The old fat guys assume that life is set up mostly the way it needs to be in order for their needs to get met. They see the police as allies against criminals, and generally see Government as the least intrusive way to get the roads paved so that they can get to work in the morning. They see themselves as part of the system, not outside of the system.

Since I used to work customer service, I am a huge believer in the 90/10 rule. 90% of your hassles in life are caused by 10% of your customers. This probably holds true in politics. 90% of people just shut up and deal with the situation as they find it. Government is not set up to deal with anything worse than that. What happens if a significant fraction of that normally quiet 90% decides to stop being quiet? The system, which is set up to deal with the small number of troublemakers through either punishment or bribes, cannot keep up with the larger number demanding their share of the pie.

What happens when the old fat guys decide that the system is corrupt and the quiet 90% is being treated like milk cows for the troublemaking 10% and their champions inside the government? What happens when these ordinarily quiet men decide to challenge the system?

What I think is happening is that for 30 plus years we have been told to shut up and get along. At the same time we see the criminals, the lazy, and the morally repugnant prospering with the support of the Left. They get all kinds of rights, and freebies, and support, and we get to pay for it all. Now we have to decide if we want to continue supporting this system. Why does an out and out criminal thug get every Constitutional right that the Left can dream up, but the random old fat guy with a gun gets the shaft?

I think that’s coming to an end. The old fat guys have had enough, and with the internet, they have communication with all the other fat old guys who’ve had enough. They’ve realized that they are not alone, and that the system is rotten. They aren’t photogenic, but they’ve got numbers, and increasingly, nothing left to lose.

UPDATE: I just got an email from my father. He says “This old fat guy has had enough and I will not go quietly.  The way I see it is they not only pissed off us old fat “GUYS” they have pissed off a bunch of old fat ladies as well.”

The system is unable to deal with mass refusal to cooperate. What are you doing to expand your rights?

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