Long Beach, California Police show you what they think of civilian gun ownership

On a man with a gun call for a guy sitting in the backyard, the cops hid in the bushes, called for a helicopter, a K-9 team, and a mental health unit. Did they ever bother to tell him to drop the weapon before letting him have it with the shotgun? Nope. The gun? A “pistol grip” water nozzle.

Go to The Truth About Guns and watch the video of the press conference. It’s sad that the poor guy’s family has to learn what the Long Beach PD thinks of gun owners. The cops are going to make a lot of noise about how he “pointed” the “object” at them, and they had no choice but to shoot. They will never ask themselves why they were there in the first place. They had a call of a “man with a gun.” It will never occur to them that maybe it’s ok for a man to have a gun, even in California.

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