All by itself

Are weapons simply tools that do what their wielders want? Or are weapons capable of independent action?

So, was the Samurai sword simply walking down the street, minding its own business, when it was forced to defend itself? Or was it a rogue Samurai (Ronin?) sword that callously attacked and injured a man?

According to the Terre Haute Police, a man was inside his home when he became upset that headlights from a car on the street were shining into his bedroom. That’s when police say he got into a fight with the man in the car. The man from the house eventually picked up a wooden club and then investigators say that’s when the man from the car pulled out a samurai sword.
According to detectives, in the middle of the fight, the man with the sword sliced off three fingers from the man with the club. Police say that the man was sent to an Indianapolis hospital to reattach his fingers.
Investigators talked to the man with the sword at the scene. Police are still hoping to talk to more witnesses and get a clearer picture of exactly what happened. In the mean time, the man with the sword is not facing any charges at this time. Neither man’s name has been released at this time.
The condition of the man who was taken to Indianapolis is also unknown at this time.

Ahh, I get it. There were two people involved. The way the story was written it sounded at first like the author was claiming that the sword acted alone. Makes you wonder if this is why the anti-gunners think that it isn’t the killer, but the weapon you have to control.

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