Bev needs to take guns off the table in her re-election campaign

So what does that mean for gun rights here in North Carolina, where the ENTIRE General Assembly went to the Republican party in the November elections? Hopefully it means that Bev Perdue finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to signing any pro-gun bills that show up on her desk. Were I in charge of shepherding gun law reforms through to her office, I would make sure she understands that vetoing pro-gun bills will make her even less electable than she currently is. On the other hand, if she were to sign sweeping reforms of the current mess we have, she would be in a good position to take the gun control issue off the table come 2012. It would also mean that if she has any designs on running for President, she could pre-empt any attacks on her by being the Governor who signed serious pro-gun reform into law.

So if there are any Republican pols reading, I say, go for it. Bring it all to the table. Repeal the entire law against concealed carry of a weapon and go for Constitutional Carry in NC. There’s no reason that North Carolina should have fewer freedoms than Vermont, Arizona, and Alaska.

Here’s my policy prescription for North Carolina so far

1.       State of Emergency
3.       Guns in restaurants
4.       Random Checkpoints
5.       Purchase Permits
6.       Guns and Assemblies
7.       Guns and Parades
9.       Concealed knives

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