Mugabe and the White African

This movie is a real downer

This clip makes it look like there is a gun battle about to happen. In fact, throughout the documentary I keep expecting a gunfight to break out. There is no shortage of people that fall into the “He needed killin’” category, but they keep praying and not slaying. The movie would have been a lot shorter with me as the protagonist. One man would probably not make it against the entire ZANU-PF militia, but I’d have been shooting after the first 10 minutes. Like this guy.

Long story short, they threaten the guy and order him off his land and he tries to take the Government of Zimbabwe to court. The court delays and delays and delays. They get beat to a pulp. The court rules in their favor, and then thugs overrun the farm and burn it to the ground.

Here’s a tip. All power is force. Any “power” that lacks the force necessary to require compliance is not power at all. A bunch of guys in pretty robes may make any “ruling” they like, but since they lack an army to shoot anyone who violates that ruling, they are pretty much worthless.

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