Once you are approved, you can buy a gun

This starts off ok

Yeah, of course more people want a pistol license. More and more people are learning that carrying a gun is legal and possible for the average citizen.

Dan Sullivan, Oneida County’s assistant pistol license officer, said 528 people were granted pistol licenses in 2009. This year, the number will be about the same.

Wow, that seems kind of low. 528 licenses for Oneida County? Out of 235,469 people, (2000 Census) Lehigh County, PA, has 312,090, and in 2007 issued 2880. This means that as a percentage of population, Oneida County is issuing pistol permits at a rate of less than ¼ of the rate of Lehigh County.

You can’t just go pick up a pistol license. Oneida County Judge Michael Dwyer, the county’s chief pistol license officer, requires prospective applicants to complete the first eight hours of the National Rifle Association basic pistol course.
“After that, you can make an appointment to be fingerprinted, and it’s a four-month process (background checks and more),” Sullivan said.

Yeah, I know. It’s a NC class, $90, and 90 day wait for an NC Concealed Handgun License

                “Once you are approved, you can buy a gun.”

WTF!!!! You have to do all of this the BUY a pistol? Who the hell do these people think they are? According to the Oneida County website, the majority of licenses are “Restricted” which means that they are only for “Hunting, Target, Camping and Hiking, (PDF)” not for “Full Carry”

5.*To Receive a “full carry” license or “unrestricted” license,  It is solely the licensing officers decision as to whether the applicant has demonstrated proper cause for the issuance of a unrestricted license.  As per PL400.(2)(F).   Additional training is not required to receive a pistol license.

Well, that’s a relief, you don’t need any extra training. You just have to be politically connected.

This is insane. A citizen should be able to walk up to any gun store and plunk down cash and receive a pistol in return. Who died and left these jokers in charge? Luckily, the Second Amendment Foundation is on the case.

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