What a fine example of leftist thought

Who is this clown?

Colman McCarthy, a former Post columnist, directs the Center for Teaching Peace in Washington and teaches courses on nonviolence at four area universities and two high schools.

Oh, another living vector for the dead hand of Communism. Time to face the facts. The “Peace” movement was just a Communist led surrender movement.

“But there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace, and you can have it in the next second. Surrender.”

4 responses to “Surrender

  1. I’ve been directed to your blog several times from Instapundit and SayUncle. I want to like this blog, but, on my monitor at least, the purple font is unreadable against a black background. And all of it is so tiny. BTW I’m 40 and have perfect eyesight.

  2. I’ve ordered Blogger to change the Link colors multiple times and I’ve had no success. If you have any ideas, I’m open. The links should not be purple, they should be green, both before and after visiting them.

  3. Peace is easy – simply never resist. Freedom, on the other hand, takes more work.

  4. Links are green on my monitor. A few headings on the right side are a purplish blue.

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