Time for Stick Control?

The WaPo reports that a convenience store in Manassas, VA was robbed by a thug wielding a very large stick. (Here’s the CC video of the attack.)

From the WaPo

The store owner, reported by WRC-TV as Jugal Uppal, tried unsuccessfully to stop the theft with a ball peen hammer.

Watching the video above, you get the idea pretty quickly that had Mr. Uppal just pulled out a pistol the robbery would have gone very differently. Even if he’s not a citizen (yet?) he’s certainly not a “Non-Immigrant,” and should be eligible to own and carry a firearm. 
Any VCDL members in his area? Maybe you should have a chat with Mr. Uppal. He lives in a free country, and should not have to argue with thieves bearing sticks.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Stick Ownership Violence could not be reached for comment.

2 responses to “Time for Stick Control?

  1. Yup, agreed that Mr. Uppal would be better served by a pistol than a ball peen hammer. Thing is, some immigrants are afraid of getting guns even if they are permitted to own one.

    AFAIK, you have to be a permanent resident alien with an “A” number, a continuous residence status in one’s state of residence (the length of time is specific to the county and state of one’s residence) and a clean criminal record. This is for purchase from an FFL, concealed carry laws are state specific.

    I have friends who are now citizens, the first thing they did when it’s legally allowed is to get concealed carry permits and buy pistols. I get to be the one advising them on firearm choices.

    That’s what you get for having a reputation of being the office gun nut.

  2. That comment is so full of WIN that I can’t add anything to it. Tell them “Welcome to America” from me.