Ashley Smithwick speaks to the Superintendent

Ashley Smithwick met with the Lee County Superintendent on Tuesday in a closed door meeting. She will be allowed to walk at her High School graduation. She has also released her records to the media. (RSS feed readers, click here to watch embedded video)

Ashley Smithwick met with the Lee County Superintendent on Tuesday in a closed door meeting. She will be allowed to walk at her High School graduation.

It looks like Ashley was suspended previously for pushing another student. According the video, at the 51 second mark, she was given out of school suspension, 10 days or less,  in 2009 for disruptive behavior over the incident.

Ashley will still be going to court over the knife charge. Her court date is January 24th.

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13 responses to “Ashley Smithwick speaks to the Superintendent

  1. All I can say is that you’ve had great coverage of the whole “paring knife” affair. Congratulations are in order to you – if not to the idiots in the Lee County Schools.

  2. No surrender until the principal and the superintendent of schools either resign or are fired.

  3. You guys are ridiculous… Everyone is so dumbfounded, even her mom. Ashley is one of the biggest potheads in school, the only thing that she does is pop pills and smoke weed. She came to class high all the time as well as went to soccer practice high that is why she got kicked off last year. She is always skipping class to smoke. I don’t see how everyone is trying to blame the system when you need to look at the so called victim. The reason why she had that knife was to shave pills with it. So open your eyes and realize that she is in the worng not the school bored.

    A classmate

  4. @Commenter #3: A little more evidence than an anonymous accusation would be nice. Besides, the issue here is not the amount of Smithwick’s pot use – it’s the paring knife that was in her lunchbox.

  5. @Anonymous – I almost thought you were a troll rather than an actual student, but your spelling of “school bored” made me realize you are indeed a product of Sanford schools. If what you claim is true, her attendance will be in the records she has agreed to release.


    She “shoved” a kid in front of her in line? And, this led to a suspension? Have you seen American kids ever lining up … without not just “shoving” … but friends looking for each other … and cutting in to join a group? Have we gone insane with discipline?

    As to the “knife” remark that it is used to shave pills; how Gestapo to try to hurt Ashley with unproven allegations! Since it is NOT in the school’s record … and, the schools have kept “detailed records” … it’s just a slur.

    For what it’s worth, all we’ve learned today, is that she can graduate and participate in the graduation ceremony. You need this behind closed doors? REALLY? You don’t think a judge would have forced the school to let her graduate, anyway?

  7. @”A Classmate” and anyone else with something negative to say.

    Prove your case. If she’s dirty, give details that we can verify.

  8. In comments here and elsewhere, I have been refusing to canonize Ashley as a martyr. I am also refusing to demonize her now that some unflattering data is coming to light.

    And I’d still very much like to know why the DA is taking this matter to court.

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  10. Is she suspended because the school thinks she skips classes too much, because she has smoked pot, or because she brought a weapon onto campus? If it is the later, and we are to believe anonymous when they state she had the knife for the purpose of ‘shaving pills’, then anonymous has successfully undermined the superintendent’s position and shown him to be the poser that Dr. Moss gives all appearances of being.

    Ashley Smithwick or any other student that poses a serious risk to their fellow student’s should be suspended from school for the rest of the year. However if she does not pose a risk to her fellow students, and nothing that I have read would make me think she does, then the administration has abused its authority and the superintendent should resign.

  11. Reporter: “Do you think that the punishment was fair for Ashley?”

    Dr. Moss: “It did not disrupt the manner in which she was taking courses and I think that was fair”

    Do you see my problem with this guy? His perception of whether or not the punishment was “fair’ apparently hinges upon his perception of whether or not the punishment he has met out disrupts the manner in which she is taking courses. Those are independent items Dr. Moss. It would not affect me whatsoever if you suspended me from your high school for the rest of the school year, but that would not alter that it would be wrong of you to do so and make that kind of an entry onto a record.

    And by the way, Moss, I pushed and was pushed many a time in high school. Those guys were called my friends.


  12. gs, what unflattering data do you think is coming to light? I haven’t seen any.