Can you sue the owner of a gun free zone because you couldn’t defend yourself?

An interesting question

So many people are risk averse. They try to avoid all the obvious risks, sometimes by making other, worse risks, more likely. I am convinced that the “Unarmed Victims Here” signs are put up by people who think they are limiting their liability. I think that as soon as someone sues because he could not defend himself, these signs will come down. The insurance companies will insist on it.

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  1. I was hoping this would have been done post Ft. Hood. Dr. Jihad was a typical spree shooter, cowardly, and not terribly proficient in his skills or knowledge. (They say the fact that he chose a FiveSeveN pistol it saved lives because of the poor terminal ballistics of the oft Maligned “cop killer” cartridge ) But what was different was that every one of his victims were proficient in firarms.

    Given that I know several staunch-liberal people who are supportive of gun rights because of their military training, and knowing a properly maintained gun is nice to have close-at-hand.

    I have little doubt that if the base was not a disarment zone Dr. Terrorist would have taken incoming fire MUCH sooner, or maybe he would have never attacked in the first place out of fear.

    I certainly think that by declaring an area “Gun Free” they who declares as such should have reasonable means to ensure all are disarmed, good and bad alike, or private security trained to engage people violating the policy/ law.

  2. Ohioans for Concealed Carry makes available business cards with the headline “No guns = No $.”

    On the back side, it reads, “As an Ohio Concealed Hand License Holder I
    – have never been convicted of a felony
    – have never been convicted of a drug offense
    … [more]
    – have passed a criminal history background check
    How much do you know about your other customers?

    I’ll email you the link.

    The idea was that you could go into a posted store and politely give a card to the manager and make the case that posting was counter-productive. Some accounts of people doing just this weren’t going to get anywhere. But many folks had success, due mainly to store owners’ confusion about what the law actually was.

    Isn’t there a gun-rights advocacy group in NC?

  3. I have a little box of cards like that printed from PA Open Carry. There is an NC gun rights group, Grass Roots NC. They are part of Alan Gura’s suit against the NC State of Emergency law.

  4. This has been an issue I’ve often questioned. My favorite question to store owners is, “I see your no guns sign. Are you assuming liability for my safety while in your store? What measures have you taken to protect me against violators? What active procedures do you have in place to protect me if a violator is discovered? (Hint: Calling 9-1-1 is the wrong answer; your local police department is unable to respond in time, you may be held as an acessory to their actions, etc.)

  5. Last year we had this debate with the Dean Of Schools for Georgia,and the Dean of GaTech. When asked they waffled on it,until one of the brighter Assemblemen, a former cop, piped up that they had immunity from lawsuits. To which both Deans agreed they did,and were not liable for women raped or other students robbed or murdered on their campus. Both didn’t want to have students, who are adults,21,who’ve gone through back ground checks, and some even vets to be armed.

    Yep, these elitist think so little of out children and their safety.