Ashley Smithwick and the not so good records

The first cracks appear in the Ashley Smithwick story. (RSS feed readers click here for video)

The reporter in this video is Jackie Faye. She and I have been in contact via email since the day of the emergency board meeting, and I can’t commend her enough. Wherever the truth lies in this story, Jackie will find it. Even if it doesn’t lead to a happy ending.

Those anonymous commenters who have offered a less than flattering picture of Ms. Smithwick should think about providing proof.

I still maintain that the punishment given to her for bringing a knife is excessive. I also don’t think it is a violation of State Law, so a year in jail for a Class 1 Misdemeanor is excessive.

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  1. answer the question Mr. Brain Dead Superintendent…a paring knife is NOT A WEAPON…if she wanted to hurt somebody with a knife, she would have brought something much more dangerous…where is the evidence that she intended to use it as a weapon Mr. Brain Dead Superintendent?????????????????????

  2. Yeah, I think whether she was a pothead or a trouble maker or whatever is really irrelevant. Mere possession of a paring knife should not result in a suspension or criminal charges. Unless she harmed or threatened people with it, anything they slap her with is overkill.

  3. Pyrotek85 is on the money. I have a hard time understanding what is driving the school to take the action it took. Dr. Moss claimed she had not been suspended but was ‘enrolled’, and now they admit that the the school principal asked Dr. Moss to punish Ashley with a long term suspension. He states he did not, but it turns out she cannot set foot on campus. The school states they searched Ashley’s bag because they were looking for marijuana or pills. Instead they found (gasp) cigarettes. There was a pairing knife in her lunch bag, which the school had claimed was not in her lunch bag but was in her purse, but now we find that it was in her lunch bag, and the lunch bag was in her (large) purse.

    It appears the discovery of the paring knife was of great interest to the principal, not because she thought anyone was endangered from Ashley, but because she thought it would provide Moss with an actionable offense to suspend her long term. And these are the people that say they are ‘surprised’ that the Smithwick’s are discussing this in an open forum.

    Rules are rules is the mark of a man who has no confidence in his ability to make a sound judgment. Asked about the exception in the law for tools used to prepare food, he says “If you would look at everything in your kitchen drawer, would you think that would be okay to take to a school” What, is he talking about the cheese grater? An egg whip?

    This guy knows that Ashley had no intention of harming anyone in the school with her Dad’s paring knife, or any other kitchen implement that might have found its way into her purse. If a person has no intention of harming others, what would it matter if they had stuffed a pie tin into that huge purse? Moss doggedly defends his actions, and looks a fool for doing so.

    How do these people end up running our schools?

  4. I have long thought that the one-size fits all, zero tolerance, boilerplate rules are not a tool for perfect and fair vigilance, but instead are the only way a governing body can do it’s job with clueless moronic employees carrying out the task at hand. Like TSA; they can’t trust the customer facing employees to have any sense, so they enforce blunt inflexible rules to guide them. No knives means nothing with an edge so no nail clippers.

  5. A pencil can be used as a weapon. The zero tolerance rules are just plain dumb and the administrator and teachers know it.

  6. Boy, times have changed. In my day if the school bullied a student, the students pushed back, hard. And pity the administrator who tried to push his or her weight around. But now the kids just roll over, just like their timid parents.

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  8. This idiot superintendent is paid a very high salary all at tax payer expense. You don’t even want to know what benefits & pensions these jokers get. So with such an easy job with is such a highly compensated title, perhaps he would be paid enough to be able to think and even perhaps contain a pedestrian level of common sense?
    Too much for a political hack.
    His political sponsors should pay at the ballot box in November. Vouchers anyone?

  9. I am surprised and saddened by the lack of comment from Ms. Smithwick’s friends (assuming that she had friends before being “outed” as a cigarette possessor; also assuming that the press is not withholding such comments because they will kill
    (please don’t suspend me Boss Moss, I was only using a figure of speech; no, I don’t think that all of the figures of speech in the English language are appropriate for your school)
    the commercial news interest
    (how interesting would this all be if she was known to be running with a crowd of “self-mutilating” goths who employ paring knives in their ungodly rituals?)

    Fight for your friend!
    They’re coming for you next!

    Bklyn., NY

  10. Zero tolerance == intolerance.

    Hmmm, I thought tolerance was supposed to be a virtue?

  11. @anon ? geTaylor?; An obscure and somewhat off-topic comment. Those folks that look lke ‘goths’ but are into self cutting are generally referred to as “emos’. Their appearances (style of dress) are quite similar.

  12. It seems to me that the cigarettes and the lighter are explained exactly the same way the paring knife is explained: it was her dad’s lunch box.

    As for the school off(ici)al in the video not knowing what Ashley’s “intent” was in bringing the paring knife: he seems (willfully?) ignorant of the possibility that she had no intent, since she didn’t know that she had picked up the wrong lunchbox.

  13. I am one of the Anomymous commentors from the early post. I will try to submit proof as as soon as possible.

    Anyway I just wanted to say that Ashley and her dad have two different lunch boxes. Doesn’t anyone find it funny that that they only showed one lunchbox on the news. Why didn’t they show that they had identical lunch boxes.

    There are so many flaws in Ashley’s stories and people for some reason can not see that. I agree that the full year suspension was unfair but I just do not like that the she is being portrayed as something she is not.

  14. So what I heard was this is the equivalent of getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Maybe she’s a troublemaker doper who is a horrible person to everyone there. However, it’s apparent that they were looking for ANYTHING to charge her with to get her out of the school. Kind of like a witch hunt. I really don’t care what kind of person she is or if she’s a pill popping smoker. I have a problem trumping up charges against people just because you don’t like them or think they’re bad. It’s just wrong. And when it’s a kid it’s doubly wrong. The bottom line is whether the time fits the crime. Everything else is just stagecraft designed to win public relations battles. Also to answer the question. A paring knife is appropriate to bring to school if you bring something that need paring. A pocket knife is appropriate just as well. However using any as a weapon isn’t appropriate. They’re schools with people, not nerf jails with robots.

  15. What’s on the video? I’m at work and I can’t watch non-work related videos across the company network.

    Tell me more.

  16. The video is Jackie Faye from NBC 17 here in Raleigh. It is her latest report. I can’t summarize it, but there is nothing earthshaking. It is our first inkling that there is more to the story, though. You may just have to watch it when you get home. Sorry.

  17. Cracks? What cracks? Her records show her to be “a typical teenager”. BFD. And as for her saying that she took her father’s lunch bag/box by mistake, superintendent says, “only Ashley knows her intent in bringing a knife to school …” WTF?? Her story is that she didn’t intend to bring any knife to school. Oh yes, she also pushed a student back in grade school. Oh yeah, she’s a public menance.

  18. Didn’t the super threaten this family not to expose this story or they would ‘expose’ her. Whatever comes out about her will not change the facts the officials who work in that school district, like probably most, are low IQ apparatchiks for the education establishment.

  19. “Didn’t the super threaten this family not to expose this story or they would ‘expose’ her. Whatever comes out about her will not change the facts the officials who work in that school district, like probably most, are low IQ apparatchiks for the education establishment.”

    That’s it exactly Anonymous. Anyone watching this is struck by the fact that the school administrators give the consistent impression of being acting on an agenda that does not have the well being of Ashley, or any of her fellow students for that matter, in mind. It is stiff necked, willfully stubborn, officiously thick headed response that makes you want to cringe. We were told that Ashley had shocking things in her past that the school did not want to divulge, and we come to find out that she had pushed somebody once a few years back, that the principal does not characterize her as an outstanding student, and that she smokes.

    God help these kids.

  20. After realizing the full extent of what was in her records, the mom decided to NOT release the records. Otherwise we’d all know the rest of the story, like: previous suspension for marijuana possession on campus, bringing a baseball bat to a fight on campus where she ended up with a broken arm, other tobacco possession, and other minor, but cumulative, stuff. So the paring knife was not the FIRST offense as Ashley and her mom would like us all to believe. So the records remain unreleased.

  21. Evidence? If you have the evidence, send it to me. I’m not in the business of smearing people without evidence, nor will I be part of a cover up. Email me with the evidence or with people willing to speak up publicly.