Conspiracy Theory

Short post for today, mostly to fulfill my commitment to myself to have something every day. In my day job, I drive to different locations doing inspections. I will not reveal my employer, out of respect for my employer’s (presumed) desire to stay out of my politics.

I get to meet a lot of people in my day job. Almost all of them are great folks. I did meet someone today who was a believer in Chemtrails and was a Truther. Just talking to him, trying to explain high bypass turbofan engines, I could feel my IQ dropping. Let me have Bill Whittle explain what I think about conspiracy theories.

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2 responses to “Conspiracy Theory

  1. I always wonder what chemtrail people think of the clouds that come out of their cars on cold mornings, but then don’t when it’s warm out. Classic case of selective reality.

    My dad was the Air Quality Adviser for the county here, and he would get people call him and demand he DO something… I don’t know what they thought a county employee could do against a vast evil conspiracy to keep the nanobots in their bloodstream from dissolving, but, again, selective reality…

  2. At the NRA ’08 AM, a bunch of ‘truthers’ went around ambushing political figures.

    The funniest ones I’ve heard were individuals claiming McCain started the USS Forrestal fire and then was hidden out in NVA camps (under Zionist control) by his father the Admiral to protect him from the wrath of his shipmates.