A liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer* (with video)

 Remember how I told you that murder is rarely the first crime people commit?
LOS ANGELES — A multiple felon who campaigned against California’s three-strikes law and was free after managing four times to escape its harsh sentencing guidelines has been charged with murdering four people in home-invasion robberies here this year.

ABC provides the video above and this story,
Ewell is accused of fatally attacking an 80-year-old man during a Sept. 24 home invasion in Hawthorne. Hanna Morcos was bound and gagged as his wife slept and later died of a heart attack that was partially blamed on the attack.
He is also charged with robbing and killing his neighbor, 53-year-old Denice Roberts, during an Oct. 13 home invasion.
Ewell is also believed to have killed Leamond Turnage, 69, and his wife Robyn, 57 in their Hawthorne home, just a few blocks from the Morcos residence, on Oct. 21. He allegedly bound, beat, gagged and strangled the couple.

Cops have no idea why this guy went off the deep end and started murdering people. I mean, he was “just” a robber.
Mr. Ewell’s criminal record stretches back more than two decades, including two robbery convictions, said Robert Grace, a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles in the major crimes division. Judges convicted him of forcing a woman to withdraw money at an A.T.M. in 1985 and pulling a man from a parked truck, binding his arms and driving off with the man’s wallet. He became an advocate of repealing the three-strikes law, which allows for life sentences on a third conviction, appearing at events and on the “The Montel Williams Show” and saying he feared being thrown in prison for good.

Gosh, good thing he was successful in convincing the Los Angeles DA to skip the 25 years to life sentence for his third, fourth, and fifth strike. He is charged with 4 counts of murder with “special circumstances” which in California means that the DA is seeking the death penalty. If convicted, the two sentencing choices are life with no parole and death.

For those with good blood pressure meds, the LA Times provides a helpful archive of this choirboy’s record.

Ht: BobS via email who said he read about this guy and thought immediately of me….err, my blog.

* A liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer is something that an old work buddy used to say. He said it was his mother’s saying. We talked about what it actually meant, and we eventually settled on  the meaning of “anyone willing to lie to you is likely to steal from you. And anyone willing to steal from you is likely to kill you.” I think that is a sound judgement. If you are convinced that a person is of so little value that you will lie to him and steal from him the fruits of his labors, you are already on the path of stealing from him his life. Obviously we can’t just execute liars and be done with it, but maybe we all should think carefully before we start lying. If you don’t start down the path, you won’t one day be strangling someone and stealing his stuff.

2 responses to “A liar is a thief and a thief is a murderer* (with video)

  1. Thought of your blog based on your discussions with Joan Peterson.

    Asking her which gun control laws she advocates would have stopped this is wasting my time.

    Asking if enforcing the laws, keeping criminals jails would have stopped this — without infringing on the rights of the law abiding – would get no answer from her either.

    It demolishes her world view that only gun control will firearm related crime.

    And if I read the story right, this choir boy didn’t even use a firearm.

    Guess which idea, gun control or criminal control, makes more sense?

  2. I was certainly scratching my head about what to write about besides Tucson. Pretty much everything has been said about that. Thanks for sending me something different to talk about.