Roberta was right. I was wrong. Mea Culpa

Roberta warned me. I didn’t listen. Stupid me.
When you go debating an anti, you are teaching them. Knock it off! Address their questions and concerns, if you must, on your own blog where they are unlikely to go. In the spaces they control, you’ve got to cut them off at the knees. Don’t touch their asinine points, don’t give them new factiods to miscontrue or practice at framing their hoplophobic, nannying notions. Instead, hit our hard truths — ask them Joe Huffman’s Just One Question, ask why it is they don’t want skinny cheerleaders, grannies and gayboys to be able to fight back when baddies try to beat them up, why a retired African-American man should be denied the right to defend his home and family from thugs. Make them confront their wickedness because the antis are in the wrong; they are against human rights and they empower thug rule, bullies, beatings. And we need to call ’em on it. Every time. Every damn time.
I’m done with japete and Baldr. These two have no intention of changing their anti-gun opinions. They think we are stupid and that they are here to educate us, to bring us into the light. I have deleted them from my RSS feed reader, and I will not be following their comments like I have been previously. I’m done sending them traffic, and it would be nice if everyone else stopped as well. I think it’s time to let them wither away. Japete claims that she writes for an audience larger than us “gun guys.” Well she can see if they can fill up her comments section.

8 responses to “Roberta was right. I was wrong. Mea Culpa

  1. I always found that interesting that she has such a wider audience than us gun guys, but we’re practically the only ones that post. Surely they’re not all silent readers, especially when we actively disagree with her posts. I think someone other than MikeB302000 would have lent their support at some point.

  2. I think that when she claims that people besides us read her blog, she’s talking out of her backside. We are the only ones who read her besides maybe her immediate family. No one connected with the anti-rights groups reads, and the way you can tell is that none of them pipe up with support.

  3. I hate to say it, but….

    Actually, you are to be commended for fighting the good fight. It was a noble effort.

    You tried to teach a pig to sing. While the pig didn’t learn anything, you did so it wasn’t a total failure.

  4. Haha! Thanks Knitebane. That’s the nicest “I told you so” I’ve ever heard.

  5. I’m reminded of this Something Positive comic.

    “Battle not with stupid, lest ye become stupid, and if you gaze into the Internet, the Internet gazes also into you.”

  6. I wrote a post a few weeks ago saying I would ignore her. Then she’d just come out with more ridiculous ideas and I couldn’t help critiquing. It would be interesting to start a campaign to not comment on her blog, similar to the “I am TJIC” thing. I think she thrives on all the attention and criticism and would fade away if the only the jadegold/mikeb/balder crowd read her.

  7. MAgunowner, the trick is not to not engage idiots when they say idiotic things, the trick is to not engage the idiots on their own turf.

    When Joan or Baldr or Mike or whomever says something so completely moronic that you simply have to address it, copy-paste it back to your webspace and fisk the everloving crap out of it there. Generate the traffic for yourself, rather than them, and deny them not only the traffic, but the visceral thrill they get from someone disagreeing with them.

    And on that you are absolutely right – some people thrive on attention, positive or negative, and that crowd is full of prime examples.

  8. To borrow from daughter when describing some coworkers,
    “The stupid, it hurts!”

    Japete either has no honor, or is as mentally screwed as Huffman thinks; take your pick.