Lenoir County, maybe you should speak to your Sheriff’s Office

A spokesman for the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office, Major Chris Hill, thinks NC pistol permitting should be MORE stringent
Hill would like to take the personal element out of the permit equation. He proposes the General Assembly adopt more invasive permitting laws akin to concealed-carry policies.
An application for a concealed weapon permit, which includes knives, includes a waiver granting the sheriff’s office permission to access mental health records of Dorothea Dix, Cherry Hospital, the local mental health system and the clerk of court office, which documents any time a person is committed.
Hill, who researched concealed-carry legislation for his master’s degree thesis, said the sheriff’s office frequently encounters situations where a person sought mental health services 20 years ago for alcoholism or drug addiction and the sheriff’s office has information about what has happened with the applicant since their treatment.
“We do not know what has happened during the time of treatment to now, whether they stopped going to counseling and got progressively worse or they got better and no longer needed counseling,” Hill said.
Hill proposed an electronic database that gathers information from all mental health systems in North Carolina.
Oh how nice. The Sheriff wants to know about my mental health history 20 years ago. How about finding out what my mental health is right now. And this isn’t for concealed carry, it’s just to buy a pistol. Do you get the idea that he believes you really shouldn’t have a gun at all?
I disagree with Major Hill. I think that unless you have been ruled mentally incompetent, insane, or violently criminal, you should be able to buy whatever you like. Buying a gun should not be license for the local po po to fish around in your medical history all the way back to the Reagan administration. It’s time to dump the stupid Jim Crow era pistol permit law.

4 responses to “Lenoir County, maybe you should speak to your Sheriff’s Office

  1. I’m betting you can’t go to the Sheriff’s website and find the mental health evaluations for any of their employees; including Major Hill.

    Since the employees work for the people of the county, shouldn’t the people be able to rummage through the lives of all those in the Sheriff’s department?

    I’m betting Major Hill would howl with outrage if it was proposed his records — including school records (Tucson Shooting), marriage/divorce (Domestic Violence), mental health (hey,the job is getting me down).

  2. But Bob, they are special. They have the pixie dust of government on them.

    I noticed how quickly the anti-gunners jumped on the whole “everyone’s depressed” mental health study that came out recently. It’s almost like they are looking for any reason at all to deny people the right to own a firearm.

  3. Actually he does not want citizens to have guns period. He also will take the word of and officer over a citizen every time. If you are a citizen you have to go file a report in person against an officer before an investigation can begin. If you are an officer you can get away with anything. The law says that if an officer of the court or law enforcement agency has reasonable complainst by the public or evidence a crime has been commited they are to investigate whether a personal complaint has been made. This of course in Lenoir County with Major Hill means if the suspected crime has been made by a law enforcement officer, only then if a personal complaint is made against the officer can an investigation begin. I am a disabled and handicapped Vietnam veteran and I was falsely arrested in my home for not hanging up the phone while I was calling 911 for help from the two officers who came to my home without permission and without a warrant. I was also kicked, choked from behind, and had electronic contol devices used against me in my home too, until I was unconcious. The 911 people will not give me an unedited version of me being hurt and almost killed in my home by someone half may age with weapons, anger (because I told him to leave my house when he told me I did not have any rights and to sit down and shutup! I then started yelling at him to leave and called 911 when he wouldn’t; Major Hill even came to my residence while I was still disoriented and in the officers car, none of them cared if I lived or died. All charges were dropped against me before the trial because my attorney told the court they did not want him questioning the officers under oath. I am told that Lenoir
    County will not handle “your kinds of cases” 911 never came while I was unconcious. I am not a criminal. I am a normal person with a family. I was told that this has happened over the last several years. The city and county live in fear of law enforcement and their brutality, false arrests, false reports. Soon as I can sell my house I must leave with my family. I would prefer to prosecute the Major and two SGTs to the full extent of the law but the law no longer exists…more violence and humiliation happened against me for being a Vietnam veteran, which also made it a hate crime. In North Carolina, the USA, and the World: assaulting a helpless person who can’t defend themselves under “color of law” is also called torture.
    Army Security Agency I corp 98C mos 70-71 Vietnam.

  4. Major Hill was appointed recently to the position of Sheriff by the County Commissioners until the next election. The past Sheriff resigned. I can not understand how the DA’s office in Kinston and the office in Goldsboro and the Sheriff’s office in Lenoir can get away with telling a citizen they do not take “my kinds of cases (honest and truthful cases???).” But they have and they would not let me speak to Sheriff Billy Smith for almost two years. I knew him before I was disabled and I was told by someone that they do not believe that Billy knew what happened to me. Everytime someone calls to inquire about my being hurt they are told all kinds of lies about me or the incident, just like the lies in the false arrest report, and never pursue it any further to find out on their own, independent of my statements; that they are being lied to and I am telling the truth. I just don’t have the health to fight them since I am very sick and handicapped (and permanently disabled for years).