“Gun Death” Grant writer

Stealing a theme from Weer’d Beard,
This guy got stabbed by a friend, so you’re asking why I’ve called it a “gun death.” That’s because none of the gun grabbers care about this murder. They are only concerned with gun deaths. They only want to reduce gun deaths. In their minds, this murder doesn’t count.

4 responses to ““Gun Death” Grant writer

  1. I really don’t understand their focus on gun death to the exclusion of all other death. It’s bizarre and – in my moral system – immoral.

  2. I think that it is a way of moving the goal posts. It’s easy to show total murder data, both State and FBI Uniform Crime Reports are written that way. When you pull out data from the UCR to rebut the stupid crap the antis tell you, they have an immediate fallback. “Is it only ‘gun deaths?’ well, then I’m focused on ‘gun deaths’ and your argument is invalid”

  3. Gun control doesn’t do anything to reduce violent crime or murder. It does (until the black market catches up) reduce “gun death” and “gun crime” for a bit.

    Often murder rates rise because criminals are emboldened. Just the death are stabbing or beatings, and the threats and attacks are done with knives, clubs, or fists and feet. And people learn to tie knots or scale tall structures, or learn lethal doeses of drugs rather than shoot themselves.

    “Gun Death” is a way to paint a failure as a victory. And yes its VERY immoral for them to do that, especially since they are very much aware of this trend.

  4. The only reason they would be interested in this death would be to tell you that the murderer knew the victim…