They just don’t trust ANYONE

Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble posted something today that has much truth in it.
Why do you suppose that is? Why is it that I trust that  my neighbor won’t wander over some night with five gallons of gasoline, a lighter, and a desire to see my house flambéed with me inside it? Why does he trust me not to heave a Molotov cocktail through his window some morning? Maybe because it’s hard to imagine someone else doing something you think is wrong. I assume that since I think something is wrong, just about every other decent human being will think it is wrong as well. And since whenever I look at my neighbors I see decent human beings, I don’t fear them. Maybe if you are fighting the urge to kill others, you naturally assume that others are fighting the urge to do you in.
Here’s another guy scared to death of his fellow man. Noting that several North Carolina politicians have decided to carry firearms for self defense, he’s written this
Because we all know that the actions of a teen with a gun at school are directly comparable to the actions of adults. Because a promise from a politician to carry a pistol for self defense is “reckless.” Because normal adults carrying guns at work, the mall, at the ball field, and at political gatherings is JUST SO WRONG! Remember this story each time you pick up your gun. These guys do not trust you. They want to turn you into wards of the state because you are too stupid or too hotheaded to be allowed dangerous things. They’d rather people like the Tucson murderer kill you than you have a gun in your holster. Remember what they think of you and vote accordingly. Because if we are too stupid to be allowed to protect ourselves, why should the sort of people we elect be allowed to rule over us. Because as Robb says

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  1. Also:

    The shooting in CA wasn’t an “accident”, at best it was a negligent discharge when the student pulled the trigger with one of his fingers. At worst, it was a very poorly conceived homicide. The DA seems to be very suspect of the “it just went off all by itself” defense, and rightly so.

  2. Stole my thunder Sean, you fink.

    I was drafting a post to deal with the trust issue.

    I want the antis to start naming names. Point out the actual people they don’t trust.

    Which of their kids teachers, school janitors can’t be trusted to carry at school?

    Which of their co-workers going back to finish their degree can’t be trusted at college?
    Which of their kids or friends of their kids can’t be trusted at the university?

    Which of their bankers, butchers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, mechanics do they not trust to carry concealed?

  3. I’ve heard some say it’s psychological projection, but I’m not a psychiatrist myself. I think it’s funny how we’re mocked for carrying guns because we’re afraid of muggers jumping out at us from the shadows, but we’re not the ones suspecting everyone of being a step away from murder. Makes you wonder who’s really paranoid.

  4. @Bob S

    They can never do that, and they know it. They need evidence to support such accusations, which they don’t have. I forget which blogger said this, but they had said that their goal is to try and turn people against their neighbors, to engender a general sense of fear and distrust in people. They can never be specific because it’ll expose them for what they are.

  5. I’ve always thought that the person they really don’t trust with a gun is the one they look at in the mirror each morning. They know their thoughts and emotions, and assume ours are like theirs. And this frightens the Hell out of them….