Keep your dog away from your gun

A modern pistol will almost never fire if it is dropped. So what happened here?
The cops called this one an accident, and didn’t file any charges. So why did this gun “go off” when it hit the ground?
Oh, so not a modern pistol.
What’s a “Ruby” pistol?
So I’d say, if you have one of these pistols, be careful with it. It’s very old, and probably not drop safe. And keep your dog away from it.

2 responses to “Keep your dog away from your gun

  1. It’s not the pistol that is the problem, it is the ninja assassin dogs that are the problem.

    We need to implement strict licensing and background checks on the dogs — There is a Loophole here I tell you.

    Bet the dog never went through (obedience) training either.

  2. I don’t know, Bob. The dog was missing a leg, so isn’t he exempt from the obedience training requirement due to the Americans with Disabilities Act? Or is he doubly required to attend training as he’s handicapped and therefore more likely to be suicidal? It’s all so complicated. I never know which law they intend to apply to start the disarmament ball rolling. Maybe they need to take his gun away because now the dog has PTSD. I’m sure that someone somewhere considers this the owner’s one strike.