VPC and KKK agree. No guns for Negros (*Video*)

At the end of Violence Policy Center’s latest screed against private ownership of firearms they reach this conclusion (PDF, conclusion on page 6)
How’s that any different than what the KKK always said? No guns for Negros.

2 responses to “VPC and KKK agree. No guns for Negros (*Video*)

  1. And yet the anti-rights nuts will deny, deny, deny, until they are blue in the face, that gun control is, or ever was, racist… While simultaneously suggesting the disarming of blacks, the disarming of inner city residents (who are predominantly black), and employing the same tactics and methodologies used by the KKK itself. I would just shake my head and laugh at these idiots, if they were not so damned busy trying to undermine my rights at every chance.

    One can only hope that they join their stylistic, white-hooded brothers in the wastebin of history, post haste.

  2. They put out this call for new Black Codes almost every year. The Joyces are really getting their money’s worth.