Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise (Machine Gun edition)

Over in England, where evil guns are basically banned without extra special permission, plus a note from your mom, 4 guys face life in prison for the murder of an innocent shopkeeper.
Since guns are banned, what did they use, bats? Knives? Fists?
No doubt that Brady shills like Joan Peterson are now desperately trying to prove that these scum bought the machine gun at a gun show in Texas or Arizona.
Here’s some video
According to the Manchester Police, this is the murder weapon.
Maybe the problem isn’t the guns, but the drugs.

4 responses to “Meanwhile in Sarah Brady Paradise (Machine Gun edition)

  1. Looks home made-a Phil Luty knockoff?

    japete won’t be arguing that it came from here. She’ll be caterwauling about the loophole that allowed it to be possessed by the goblins in the first place.

  2. It’s a Czech Sa.25 in 9mm or an Sa.26 in 7.62×25. These were built just after WWII to about 1960.

  3. And hey, good thing they had video cameras, right?

    How many shots does a video camera hold, again?

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