No fingers bitten off and no one attacked by SEIU members rallying in Raleigh

This is all that the SEIU and the NAACP could manage to organize for their lunch rally outside the NC General Assembly building today.
With all their money, you’d think that the SEIU could manage to bus in a few protestors. The counter protestors, many carrying handmade signs, American flags, or Gadsden flags, had about half as many people on the street as the actual protestors.
The speakers went on at length about how “democracy” includes negotiating with the working man. Unfortunately for the SEIU, there was an election in November, and the Democrat party lost badly. Last I checked, when your party loses control of BOTH houses of the General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction, it signals that you have lost the public argument. One of the things that they were most irritated about was the fact that State employees unions here in NC cannot collectively bargain, which is exactly the bone of contention in Wisconsin.
I’m not sure exactly why the NAACP was there. You would think that the NAACP would be interested in the plight of black taxpayers, but once again, the NAACP has shown that the only thing they are interested in doing is supporting their liberal compatriots. It must be handy to have a group of blacks around who can be counted upon to call your political opponents racists. Basically that’s all they do anymore. What a sad conclusion for such a storied organization.
I met quite a few nice people. It’s pretty clear that most of us don’t feel comfortable standing on a street corner hollering at our political opponents. Unlike the other side, we didn’t have organized cheers, and in fact, most of us didn’t yell at all. We did stop what chanting there was to pass out some info on a lost little girl. The State Capitol Police found her pretty quickly. I brought my dog, since the weather was fantastic, and she got a lot of petting.
There were many television cameras there. Someone tried to hand me a microphone after the rally, but I declined. I will put up another post when the local TV stations post their videos.

When the reporter tried to hand me the microphone, I was talking to a very nice lady who, when she found out that I was a gun blogger, wanted to ask me about getting a gun. She started off encouraging me to get more involved by coming to the Southern Wake Republican meeting. We ended up with me telling her about how silly NC gun laws were. We had two guys there with empty holsters. I explained how NC bans carrying a firearm at protest rallies.
Several of the counterprotestors said that they heard about it from Michelle Malkin, the same place I read about it. We had people who had traveled from Asheville in the mountains and people who traveled from Beaufort County by the sea. That’s the left, bringing people together, though probably not the way they hoped.
In the end, a lovely time was had by all. The weather was great, the people were nice, and the dog got petted. Too bad the SEIU looked so anemic.

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