SEANC and SEIU are scared (*Video*)

The State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) and its parent group SEIU are scared. They are scared that they will lose all of their influence in this state forever.
Before the last election, the Democrat party ran the show in North Carolina. Due to a century of gerrymandering, this increasingly Republican state has been held by the Democrats. Suddenly, the ground has shifted. After years of gains by Republicans, and two bad years under Obama and, to everyone’s surprise, both houses of the NC General Assembly have gone from Democrat to Republican control. No one saw this coming. There were hopes that the Senate might turn over, but no one dreamed that both houses would.
While this has a profound effect on gun laws, as we are seeing, it will also have a critical effect on other laws in this state. Democrat leaders from gerrymandered far left districts were able to maintain control of committees in each chamber, killing reforms they didn’t like and advancing pet projects that might never get a hearing otherwise. Now, with Republicans in control of the committees, we have seen gun bills not only get voted out of committee, but they’ve been strengthened far beyond the weak compromise bills of previous years. The same things are going to happen to other laws in this state.
SEANC and their SEIU overlords are scared that they will lose everything. There is almost no chance that a longstanding prohibition on collective bargaining for government workers will be repealed. There is equally little chance that NC’s Right to Work laws will be repealed. Workers in this state have long ago decided that, in most industries, there is no benefit to joining a union. In most cases, unions will take your money, negotiate contracts that you could have negotiated yourself, and then spend all your money getting Democrats elected. Realistically, the only way to increase union size is to force closed shops, card check, and to give government workers collective bargaining. That’s what this is all about. That’s why they are so angry. They want the power that comes from running a union. They want the State to collude with them in forcing you to join that union and have dues extracted from your paycheck.
The protest you see in the video above is a manifestation of that fear and anger. Mark my words, it’ll get much worse as these people realize that their power isn’t coming back.

3 responses to “SEANC and SEIU are scared (*Video*)

  1. The unions thugs will get meaner as their power fades.

  2. Lowell Landowski

    The alternative to us is privatization. There is no decent alternative to having a civil service. There would be no separation between the private sector and government, without us.

    So the Chamber of Commerce would become an advocate for privatization, and higher government pay out for their clients, thus higher costing services to the tax payers. No competition for private government works if the civil servants, and their unions, can be crushed. On Wisconsin

    What are we afraid of? We should know our place, and they know it too. They cannot run the State without us. All greatly prosperous societies have had excellent public civil services. When civil services are run down, so is society, and so is our State and County.