Why do they use demeaning language? (*Video*)

Outside of period piece crime dramas, the only people who use the phrase “packing heat” are journalists. WTF is up with that?

I like the fact that more ladies are taking it upon themselves to look out for their own safety. What I can’t understand is why journalists are using really stupid old slang terms in what should be straight reporting. It’s almost as if they want to demean us by suggesting we are a subculture like the criminals who invented the term pre-WWII. The term grates on me, and is about as appropriate in a newspaper as “Yo Dawg.”
In any case, more ladies are carrying than ever before.
I want criminals to see the world much like a person playing “Minesweeper,” on the super-expert level. Every single person could be carrying a gun. Each crime is another opportunity to get shot dead. And there’s no second chances. Many criminals will come to the same conclusion as the WOPR computer did in War Games. “The only winning move is not to play.”

6 responses to “Why do they use demeaning language? (*Video*)

  1. Certainly they didn’t come at the piece from an objective angle, but the end result was hardly bad. All one has to do is to think back to the 90s.

    If this is the new “bad” we’re doing good!

  2. I think my point is, why do we accept this type of language? Would the feminists accept being called “baby?” Would the NAACP president allow someone to call him “boy?”

    We don’t have to fly off the handle like they would, but we should question the use of loaded words and phrases used to subtly demean us. We don’t “pack heat.” We carry a gun. We aren’t criminals out looking for trouble, we are honest citizens looking to avoid trouble. We aren’t vigilanties “taking the law into our own hands,” we are decent folks defending our own lives.

    We have fought the obvious slurs. We should not allow our opponents to use the more subtle slurs either.

  3. Yeah, the way it’s said almost makes it sound like we’re getting away with something. The connotations of ‘packing heat’ make it sound like we’re the aggressors even, like we’re gearing up for a fight.

  4. Fairly simple answer: they are employing the standard logical fallacies of appealing to people’s emotions and poisoning the well. People have a negative connotation attached to “packing heat” thanks to Hollywood and the press, and trying to hang that phrase off law-abiding cary permit holders is nothing more than a blatant attempt at conflating that negative impression with those people.

    In short, Business As Usual for the media.

  5. Thank you, Sean, for bringing this up. The habitual use of that archaic slang term has been a pet peeve of mine for some time. I cringe every time I read it, and that is undoubtedly why the writers continue to use the phrase. It does a pretty good job, though, at identifying the author as an anti-rights bigot, much as the term “loaded hidden handguns” does.

  6. Thanks LinkP. I think that it is time to start calling journalists on this and many other demeaning slang terms. If the left can play political correctness games, let’s see how they like it turned around on them.