WRAL posts their downtown Raleigh protest video (*Video*)

Another view of the dueling protests in Raleigh yesterday.

Why do they keep referring to government employees as “public” workers? Why do they insist that government workers should get so much money and such great benefits? Nationally, government workers make double what private sector workers make. Do these people forget who their employers are?
I’ve been having fun at these rallies. The people in the Tea Party ranks are a lot of fun to be around. If you get a chance, come out and join us.
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3 responses to “WRAL posts their downtown Raleigh protest video (*Video*)

  1. I was front and center at the Capital on Fayetteville street yesterday.

    “Fun” is hardly the word I would use to describe my participation in a confrontation of such seriousness.

    My opinion on Saturday’s event at:


  2. Thanks Hans. I read your post. I must disagree with you, but I understand your point. While opposing these people is a serious endeavor, the actual being on the street with decent like minded people is fun.

    It’s easy to get the impression from watching the news that I am the only person who opposes these people. Getting out on the street with people that feel the same way as me really points out that I am not alone. It’s not “fun” that I have to actively oppose errant nonsense. It is fun to share the street with people like you.

  3. The Mrs. and I made it there too, but not until about 1pm or so.

    And to top off the day, we went from there direct to the C&E FUN show over at the NC State Fairgrounds.