Doctors getting nosy about your guns?

Here’s one I just have to pass along. Ever had a doctor ask you if you own a gun? I mean, outside of normal conversation which leads to “can I come shoot with you?” The American Academy of Pediatrics wants its Doctors to stick their noses into your Second Amendment rights. There have been documented cases of doctors asking children about guns in the house without their parents present. This has pissed of people in Florida so badly that they are thinking about passing a law to make it a serious crime for doctors to even ask about guns in your house. Sebastian thinks it’s a bad idea.
I’m not so sure. They’ve been told to keep their nose out, but they keep letting their politics get in the way of good medicine. One of the commentors, bullbore, offered this PDF for you to print out and take with you to the doctor. It’ll get your point across, law or no law.

One response to “Doctors getting nosy about your guns?

  1. One could build a similar form for those businesses who insist on posting the no guns allowed signs.