“Stuff” happens

NC Highway Patrol Trooper has negligent discharge, and what do they say about it? (Scroll down to second story at link)
“Stuff” happens? But wait, there’s more
I have never been told anything this stupid during any of my self defense or concealed carry courses. In fact, most people argue that empty chamber carry is a bad idea.
I hope that SGT Gordon was horribly misquoted. I don’t want to think that one of our Troopers is this dumb.

Update: I spoke to both the Trooper and the reporter. Update here.

One response to ““Stuff” happens

  1. FYI – saw blurb over the weekend that a CMPD “SWAT officer” was injured killed when a “flash-bang device” went off in his home. I have no idea how this became a lethal event?